It’s rapidly approaching winter and as the nights draw in and the mercury drops it’s time to eat to your hearts delight and forget that the sunshine has left for another year. We’ve picked 5 beautiful recipes that revolve around the winter season’s delectable and sought after black truffles. Often called, ‘The Diamond of the Kitchen’, go out and spoil yourself in some of the capital’s finest establishments.


1. Social Eating House

First up is the fantastic restaurant with simple yet carefully created dishes that are complimented with a relaxed and attentive service. Chefs Jason Atherton and Paul Hood have created an establishment that is inspired by the buzz recently created by the regeneration in Soho. Jason’s vision is creating a restaurant where diners can enjoy the key elements of the current London dining scene in an informal and social setting, and where the surroundings are as vibrant as the food. He’s certainly succeeded and this House is generating quite a buzz.

The ‘Mac n’ Cheese’ is a beautifully crafted adaptation of an old favourite. The truffles give it a unique twist and flavour. It is created from Montgomery cheddar, parmesan, chanterelles, shaved mushroom and black truffle.

Social Eating House Mac and Cheese - Hero & Leander

Social Eating House – Mac & Cheese – Hero & Leander

Social Eating House

58 Poland Street,


London. W1F 7NR


T: +44 (0) 207 9933 251

2. Novikov

What more is there to say about this place, than you must go. It’s the must-be-seen-in destination in the heart of Mayfair. And whilst the ambience commands an air of glamour, the food demands your attention. In particular this pizza, which must be the most special pizza in all of London. We won’t say any more other than, it’s a pizza with truffles. Try it!

Novikov - Black Truffle Pizza - Hero & Leander

Novikov – Black Truffle Pizza – Hero & Leander



50A Berkeley Street,


London. W1J 8HA


T: +44 (0) 207 3994 330

3. Bob Bob Ricard

Located in Soho an eclectic restaurant awaits that takes its menu inspiration from both England and Russia. With individual areas throughout the premises you’re spoilt for choice as to the surroundings you sit in. Our favourite is the Blue Dining Room taking inspiration from the Orient Express. Imagine if you will then, travelling through far off lands on a train whilst having these beautiful Oysters in front of you. If these aren’t reason enough for you to visit then you should know that the table has a unique feature, a ‘Press for Champagne’ button. Have you made a reservation yet?

Bob Bob Ricard - Grilled Oysters - Hero & Leander - credit:Paul Winch-Furness

Bob Bob Ricard – Grilled Oysters – Hero & Leander – credit:Paul Winch-Furness

Bob Bob Ricard

1 Upper James Street,


London. W1F 9DF


T: +44 (0) 203 145 1000

4. Coq D’Argent

Located at No.1 Poultry, this rooftop restaurant serves fabulous French food in incredible surroundings. The restaurant has gardens and terraces which is a lovely tranquil escape from the madness of the City of London. This beautiful dish combines the succulence of a pan fried chicken breast with the contrasting delicacies of truffle flavour.

This is a venue and dish that must be sampled.

Coq D'Argent - Supreme de Poulet - Hero & Leander

Coq D’Argent – Supreme de Poulet – Hero & Leander

Coq D’Argent

No.1 Poultry,

London. EC2R 8EJ


T: +44 (0) 207 3955 000

5. Tartufi & Friends

Tartufi & Friends is located in the upmarket store of Harrods in Knightsbridge. The setting adds to the grandiose of the occasion and food, which is a fantastic thing because it feels like an occasion eating here. Somehow although in a store you feel teleported to a different world, such is the effect of the staff and interior design.

Tartufi & Friends - Hero & Leander

Tartufi & Friends – Vanilla Ice-Cream With Truffle Infused Honey – Hero & Leander

Tartufi & Friends


Lower Ground Floor, wine shop,

87 – 135 Brompton Road,




T: +44 (0) 207 2255 800