People often think of romantic holidays to Paris, to the Maldives, to exotic Bali or beautiful Barcelona…But how does breaking the routine and actually doing something extremely memorable sound like?

How does leaving everything behind, getting rid of the cliché hop-on hop-off buses, and not having to deal with suffocating lines to below average monuments sound like? Pretty cool, right?

That’s what sailing holidays are all about – adventure, passion, seclusion and the ultimate form of luxury without having to spend too much. Being surrounded with breath-taking soaring cliffs, endless azure water begging to be dived in, and the unmatched freedom that comes with embarking on a sailing trip.

Spending your days sipping on champagne, the breeze slowly brushing up on your face, the echo of the running motor being the soundtrack of your trip sounds like the ultimate form of paradise. And trust us…It is!

Whether you want to go on a yacht sailing holiday between exotic islands with an incredibly rich marine life or you want to visit historical quaint villages, the choice is yours. Whether you want to sail the Mediterranean, or sail around Croatia, or maybe even sail the Galapagos islands…The whole world is yours.

The world is filled with historical islands, gorgeous villages, scenic coastlines and a lot more, making your destination an endless playground of options.

A yachting trip is a surefire way to strengthen your relationship with your significant other and create endless memories. In this article I will talk about how to plan and book a yachting holiday and how you can enjoy a summer vacation at sea with your significant other.

Sailing Holidays To Spice Up Your Relationship

Sailing Holidays To Spice Up Your Relationship

How to Plan and Book A Yachting Holiday

Make sure you plan way ahead and book as soon as possible.

No matter how much you have a knack for spontaneity and adventure, a spontaneous yacht trip that is not well planned may not serve as the most romantic option. You need to make sure you plan way ahead of the time you’re traveling and put in a lot of research before you actually book.

There are a lot of factors that go in the planning and booking, so here’s a quick points you need to make sure you cross out while booking:

  • Figure out what your budget is like – this will essentially determine what kind of boat you’ll be sailing on, how far you’re sailing, how long you’ll be sailing for and where you’ll sail to.
  • How long do you want your trip to be for? Do you need to take work holidays? Do you have a minimum amount of time? Are you flexible when it comes to booking? The more flexible you are, the better your chances of getting good rates is.
  • What type of trip do you want – do you want a party boat, a private one, want to rent out one with your friends, or want a little sailing boat for adventure?
  • What type of islands do you want to be exploring?
  • Do you want to stay on the yacht and sail around or do you want to disembark on a few islands to explore?
  • Is there a certain phenomena you want to experience? (Northern Lights, for example)
  • If so, you need to check availability because good yacht deals in peak seasons are very quickly snatched away.
  • Is there any paperwork you need to do? Do you need a visa? Will you be booking a plane ticket?
  • Will you be booking any tours inside the islands you disembark on? Will you be hiring a car?
  • Will you be needing any special equipment? (i.e: for diving)

Word of advice: you really need to book early. Have everything laid out, get your checklist ready and do your research. You’ll find that everything gets easier from there.

Sailing Holidays To Spice Up Your Relationship

Sailing Holidays To Spice Up Your Relationship

The type of yacht you’re taking.

Deciding on a type of yacht to take may serve as quite overwhelming – there are so many types of yachts. It doesn’t matter whether you want to go on  an adventurous sailing trip or a flotilla holiday in an exotic destination –  you will still need to decide the boat you’re taking. You have massive boats with pads for helicopters, and you have super tiny ones where you’ll barely be able to move. You have incredible catamarans and you’ll have little boats…It’s all your choice!

Just make sure to figure out:

  • How much luggage you have.
  • Do you need an experienced sailor on board?
  • Do you know your way around yachts?
  • Are there certain add-ons that you’ll need that might make or break your trip?
Sailing Holidays To Spice Up Your Relationship

Sailing Holidays To Spice Up Your Relationship

Start planning your itinerary.

Once you’ve had all of these questions answered, you’re now ready to actually choose where you’ll be going and what your itinerary is going to look like.

Do you want a customizable trip? Do you want a trip that’s laid out for you? Do you want to do your own planning or do you want someone else to do the planning for you?

We’ll be laying out some of the top yachting destinations below!


How long will your trip be for?

Your trip can last for anything between a week to thirty days (more if you want – but that comes with a lot more expenses).



Packing for a yachting holiday is super tricky but once you figure out exactly what you need, it gets better from there.

So first things first – pack smart, pack light!  You’ll have little to no room for huge luggage bags, and you’ll definitely not have a place you can carry your luggage around in.

Use packing cubes, get rubber-soled shoes,  get a lot of sunscreen, and always have a first-aid kit with you.

Don’t forget your flashlight, and some entertainment material to have on board with you as well!

Sailing Holidays To Spice Up Your Relationship

Sailing Holidays To Spice Up Your Relationship

Where you can go for the ultimate romantic holiday:

Tanzania’s Spice Islands

Tanzania has the perfect blend of azure waters, powdery palm-tree lined beaches, and an incredibly diverse, rich, marine life. It’s the perfect “romantic” destination and the atmosphere is characterized by the slow pace, and the dedication to relaxation.

Go to the Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are some of the most unique islands in the world,  with unparalleled wildlife, and geology. After all, they were the basis for the theory of evolution! You can basically visit the islands on boat and go kayaking, snorkeling, diving and much more. Or you can disembark on the islands, and watch the wildlife up close…All while learning about the history of the islands!

To Antarctica we go!

Sail across the Drake Passage in Antarctica and enjoy the gorgeous wildlife…You’ll be getting intimate with whales and icebergs and you can even spend some time exploring the land on foot!

See the Northern Lights.

You can see the Northern Lights by sailing through the fjords of Tromso, and even see a few whales! Being surrounded by the magical Northern Lights and rare wildlife, all while being on a boat is simply the most exhilarating experience you can have!

Check out the Top 10 Ways To See The Northern Lights Together HERE

Sailing Holidays To Spice Up Your Relationship

Sailing Holidays To Spice Up Your Relationship

How Sailing and Romance go hand in hand!

  • Endless beaches that stretch out for miles and azure waters everywhere you go…How  can you even debate the romantic aspect of that?
  • Gorgeous sunsets everyday, everywhere! We all know how sunsets bring out the inner romantics in all of us, and you’ll be experiencing breath-taking ones everyday!
  • Privacy – What can be more private than embarking on a sailing trip for just the both of you, surrounded by the most primal forms of nature blended with luxury? Nothing!


A sailing holidays will keep your love life spiced up, and will add that extra oomph you might need to make things interesting. You’ll be making unforgettable memories that you’ll talk about for at least the next year, and you’ll be discovering so many new things about each other….So, what’s stopping you?