Use Hertz American Road Trip planner to create an adventure of your dreams and hit the road.

So you’re dreaming of getting out to the USA and driving. Great. It’s one of the best travel experiences that the States offers. We’ve put together some of our top tips on how to plan a USA road trip.


What Type of Holiday Do you Like? 

The USA has pretty much every type of holiday you could imagine. Beaches, mountains, deserts, cities, forests and canyons. There really is something for everyone. So it’s important to decide on what you want to spend your time seeing and doing – because that’s going to dictate your destinations. The landscapes vary so regularly that you really can plan in multiple types of destinations.

Choose your ride

Sure, the romantic notion of cruising down Route 66 on a Harley Davidson sounds awesome, but have you considered how hot it gets in the desert in high summer?  You don’t want to be spending hours under that sun Arizona sun, trust us. Equally, a convertible isn’t going to be a great choice if you’re heading in to the mountains during ski season. Fortunately car companies such as Hertz offer a fantastic selection of vehicles to choose from. Also consider your luggage requirements. Long drives can get uncomfortable particularly if you’re cramped into your vehicle. Oh and of course there’s always the photo ops that you need to think about!

How much do you love driving?

The USA is a big place. Let’s say that again. The USA is a big big place. In fact, for first-time road trip planners it can be difficult to comprehend the driving distances when you open that map. A short hop on paper can easily be several hours of driving down an open freeway. You also need to be careful planning your routes. Interstate have frequent gas stops, but veer off of these and a back country road could see you travel hundreds of miles before coming across a pit stop. Don’t end up in Death Valley with no fuel. Also be sure to check out what smaller adventures are en-route. It’s not always about the final destination. Will you be splitting the driving responsibilities and will the gas bills be split 50-50? Which leads us on to our next point.

How To Plan A USA Road Trip | Hero and Leander

How To Plan A USA Road Trip | Hero and Leander

Set Budget and Time

Driving costs money. As does sleeping. You need to work out how much you want to spend on each. And eating, visiting attractions, park entrance fees, bars, dancing, cabs, tipping, insurances, flights, parking, resort fees, valets. The list goes on and on – and unless you factor these things in or plan around them, you’ll quickly spend more than you want to. You don’t want to book a three week trip and only be able to afford accommodation for 10 days. There’s plenty of handy fuel cost calculators on the web that allow you to plug in your vehicle and mileage to give you a pretty accurate indication of what you’ll spend. Check out each hotel or campground that you’re staying at and make sure you’ve factored in any additional costs that you may come across.

Plan Your On Road Entertainment

Those long distances we told you about. Well you’re going to need some in-car music to keep you sane. So make sure you download as much as your device will take. You don’t want to be running up international data bills. Often when you hire a car you can also ask for access to satellite radio so you can listen to your favourite stations how ever far away you are from the cities.

Hit The Road

If you’re flying in from abroad do consider your jet lag and landing times. You should spend a few days in your initial destination before driving any long distances. It’s time to get out there and drive. Make sure that before you go you have the required paperwork (licences, hire agreements, insurance etc.). Have hard copies of your important documentation and telephone numbers. You may just need them when you have no phone signal. Then do a full safety check of the vehicle. If you’re unfamiliar with driving in the USA ensure that you have read up on the rules of the road. Make sure that you don’t fall foul of driving laws and check out the state speed limits.

Get out there and drive. Enjoy it. As soon as you return you’ll be planning the next.

Interested in exploring these great landscapes and cities and want to plan a USA road trip? Start here, with Hertz’s American Road Trip Planner. We’ve also put together some fantastic mini routes for two to add to your ideas. Read about them here. Hertz have created 24 bespoke routes that are a great starting point for your planning. You can read about all the interesting stops along the way and adapt the route to suit your interests. Why not even merge 2, 3 or more routes to create a mega trip! The American Road Trip Planner is your USA friend and will give you some amazing instant inspiration.


This article is a sponsored post by Hertz UK.

How To Plan A USA Road Trip | Hero and Leander

How To Plan A USA Road Trip | Hero and Leander