Mae Louise & Tim, a little bit about you both – what do you do & where are you based?


M&T: We are based in Los Angeles, in a quaint little town called Highland Park – just 5 minutes north of Downtown (maybe 15 if you add in the famous SoCal traffic.)

Mae Louise was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles county next to Hsi Lai Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in the western hemisphere. Growing up next to the temple strongly influenced her upbringing in Asian culture, despite her Filipino heritage. She is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. In her downtime she runs a Beauty – Fashion blog as well as a YouTube channel.

Timothy is originally from a predominately Korean community in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2009, a few years after receiving his Bachelor’s in Travel Industry Management and working in Hawaii, he decided it was time to make the big move to California to pursue his career, particularly in hospitality. Now, he is the General Manager at KazuNori, The Original Hand Roll Bar, in Downtown Los Angeles working with the Sushi Nozawa/Sugarfish group.


Where & how did you meet and how did your first date go?


M&T: We met at work. Everyone would go out together after working late nights at the restaurant. Mae Louise left the company to further her education. However, months later we ran into each other again at the music festival HARD Day of the Dead. I guess you could consider that our first date. We spent the rest of the night together enjoying the music and the rest was history.


Mae Louise & Tim

Mae Louise & Tim

Where was your first trip away together?


M&T: Our first trip away together was on Valentine’s day. With restaurants always being busy on Valentine’s day, we took a late trip the next day to San Diego. We spent a few days at a Lake House where we spent our night at a local dive bar having beers and burgers. It was very simple, but perfect.


Define your idea of romance?


M&T: I think we both share the same idea of romance because they’re the aspects of our relationship we enjoy the most. Genuine, unconditional love is what we think of. Romance is finding satisfaction in little moments like slow dancing in the kitchen. You know you’ve found the one when you look forward to the excitement of being able to come home to your best friend everyday.


Mae Louise, what is the most romantic thing that Tim has ever done for you?


M&T: Honestly, I hate to be cliché and say that he makes everyday feel special, but he really does!  If I had to choose a day it would have to be last year’s Valentine’s day. As I explained before, the restaurant is really busy on Valentine’s. However despite his extremely busy 12 hour day, he still managed to come home with a cute meaningful hand-written card and a bouquet of flowers. I really felt loved.

Mae Louise & Tim

Mae Louise & Tim

Tim, what is the most romantic thing that Mae Louise has ever done for you?


M&T: She does many romantic and incredibly thoughtful things for me and it is so hard to narrow it down to one. But for me I always appreciate the simple things in life. Til this day I still remember so clearly when she wrote, “52 things she loves about me” on a deck of cards for Valentine’s day. They were all one-liners that described the little things about me that she loves. Each one made me feel her love so greatly. It was wrapped inside several layers of boxes, all handmade with care. It honestly brought tears to my eyes.


What has been your favourite hotel that you have ever stayed in?


M&T: Our favorite hotel would have to be South Coast Winery Resort & Spa in Temecula, California. The balcony overlooked an amazing view of the vineyard. We are total wine enthusiasts so being able to walk to the winery for wine flights was delightful. Say no to drinking and driving!

Mae Louise & Tim

Mae Louise & Tim

What has been your most exciting adventure together?


M&T: Hmm… most exciting adventure? Definitely Mae Louise’s 21st birthday trip to Las Vegas. If you’ve seen the movie the Hangover, then you’ve seen our adventure. Not that either of us can clearly recall!


Where is your favourite place to eat in the world?


M&T: Our favorite place in the world to eat has to be Mae Louise’s parent’s house! There’s nothing like endless home-cooked food made with love. If you’ve ever seen Beauty and the Beast, imagine the scene where the food just never stops coming, dish after dish. That’s exactly how it is in their home!


How would you describe yourselves as a couple?


M&T: We’re definitely, hands-down, a foodie couple. That’s why it’s nearly impossible for us to choose a favorite place to eat. We love trying new places and almost never eat anywhere more than once. Food fuels our souls!

Mae Louise & Tim

Mae Louise & Tim

How do you decide on where you will travel to next and what do you have planned?


M&T: Since Tim works in the restaurant industry and Mae Louise is a student, our vacation times usually conflict. Student vacation times are usually the busiest times at restaurants. That being said, we rarely get days off together. That usually means we get only a few days or a weekend away together so we usually play it by ear whenever we get the chance!

We’ve actually planned a trip to Hawaii soon! It’s our first time visiting Hawaii together. Tim hasn’t been back home in 2 years, so it’s about time.


What is your favourite thing about taking a trip together?


M&T: We really cherish the short times we’re able to spend together, whether it be day-to-day trips to the grocery store or trips out of town. Our favorite thing has to be being able to experience life together as a couple, laughing, and making lifelong memories.


What is your dream trip?


M&T: It would be a dream to be able to travel all over Asia for a few months. Hopefully one day we’ll get to!


What inspired you to start your video blogging?


M&T: Home videos are slowly fading away with snapchat and FaceBook—disappearing into timelines as short clips. Video blogging allows us to capture our lives in the same essence so we can look back one day on what will then be a seemingly archaic YouTube channel to remember the youth of our love story.