Tell us about Jim’s & Kitty’s…

Jim’s & Kitty’s are actually our very personal sobriquets. Some people already started calling Tim “Jim”, instead of Tim. That’s funny! We just love that. We are a German couple based in Milan, Italy. We are suckers for Hotels, whisky sour, sex, travelling, photography and art in general.

Where/How did you meet?

That’s a weird story. We have to say it wasn’t love at first sight. To be honest we couldn’t stand each other. Tim was that super cool guy having ten girls at a time and I was in a relationship.  But all of a sudden things changed after a glass of whisky or two. Actually we hooked up in a nightclub, fancy eh?!

What inspires you to take photos?

Being on the road. It constantly inspires us!

Jim's & Kitty's | Tim & Lisa | @jimsandkittys

Jim’s & Kitty’s | Tim & Lisa | @jimsandkittys

First trip away together?

We went on a two-week trip to Thailand! It  was 4 years ago and we had the most perfect first trip ever. It was in September, monsoon season in Thailand. But no rain could stop us from our very first adventure together! We were over the moon. It was almost too perfect…

Favourite place in the world and why?

New York, because we are meant to be!

Favourite type of cuisine?

Fresh grilled fish!

Jim's & Kitty's | Tim & Lisa | @jimsandkittys

Jim’s & Kitty’s | Tim & Lisa | @jimsandkittys

Best place you have ever eaten in the world?

A very small osteria somewhere in the streets of Rome. The pasta, the cheese and the wine and the bread. Soooo goood. Craving !!!!

Favourite hotel you have ever stayed in?

We loooove Hotels. Seriously, we both dream of living in a Hotel just like Newton did. We don’t really have a special favourite. We are lucky that we’ve been able to experience so many beautiful Hotels. Two of our favourites: Eco del Mare in Lerici and the Thirtyseven in Gozo.

Define your idea of romance?

Whisky sour.

Jim's & Kitty's | Tim & Lisa | @jimsandkittys

Jim’s & Kitty’s | Tim & Lisa | @jimsandkittys

What has been your most exciting adventure together?

A boat trip in Thailand. We went to Bond Island and a storm came up; EVERYONE left the island. Really everyone! The tour guides forgot about us. We started waving and screaming and after half an hour someone came back on one of these super old wooden boats to bring us back to the actual boat. Man that was tough! In the middle of the ocean in the pouring rain, storming with crazy high waves on a tiny fisherman boat. Totally thought we were going to die! Haha Will never forget about that trip!!!

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done together?

Hmmm… eating fresh pasta during the sunset in Cinque Terre listening to the sound of the ocean last June.

How would you describe yourselves as a couple?

Adventurers with a love for photography, Gucci, Hotels and a good glass of bourbon. We are super spontaneous, but really… Sometimes it’s like, baby let’s fly somewhere tomorrow morning, ok? Ok.

Jim's & Kitty's | Tim & Lisa | @jimsandkittys

Jim’s & Kitty’s | Tim & Lisa | @jimsandkittys

What is your dream trip?

There are so many! Our planet is too beautiful. We wish we could be able to never settle and to travel forever. Both dreaming of a safari in Africa, a swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, surfing in Costa Rica and making our own cigars in Cuba. India is also on top of the list!

Lifetime goals?

Travelling with our kids. But in general there are no “life goals”, we just go with the flow. We live every day! That’s the goal…



Jim's & Kitty's | Tim & Lisa | @jimsandkittys

Jim’s & Kitty’s | Tim & Lisa | @jimsandkittys

Jim's & Kitty's | Tim & Lisa | @jimsandkittys

Jim’s & Kitty’s | Tim & Lisa | @jimsandkittys