How To Take Your Dream Trip As A Couple? There are certain things in life that are hard to acheive. We all have ideas of places we’d like to see or things we’d like to. There’s always a few people that  seem to be achieving amazing things and seeing what this world has to offer. But how do people actually achieve what seem like wild fantasies? I’m not talking about the quick trip abroad that is fortunately becomingly increasingly easier in this day and age. I’m talking about the trip that you may only dream about. The trip that you’ll probably only take once in your lifetime. The trip that inspires your friends and has people in awe, asking constant questions, the trip that creates intrigue.


So how can you achieve such a fantastic experience?


How To Take Your Dream Trip As A Couple

How To Take Your Dream Trip As A Couple


  1. Research


First of all it’s important to gain an understanding of exactly what the world has to offer and what you as a couple are interested in. What sort of trips do you like to take or dream of? A beach holiday in paradise with crystal clear waters and blue sands? Or perhaps an adventure trip of a lifetime, exploring the great outdoors and far away from any type of modern technology. We’ve all got ideas of how we like to spend our downtime and chances are they’re radically different than a lot of your friends and family.

So read up. Find out where you love the look of. Do you have any friends or family that have seen amazing places and you’d like to follow in their footsteps? Then ask them about it. Read travel books and magazines, sign up to Hero & Leander’s mailing list for inspiration, set up a wanderlust Pinterest board or join

The first step of achieving any goal is setting that goal, no matter what it is – you’ve got to have an objective and write it down. Put the piece of paper on your mirror so you see it every morning.


How To Take Your Dream Trip As A Couple

How To Take Your Dream Trip As A Couple


  1. Plan


Now you’ve got your dream trip selected, it’s time to find out the ins and outs of the dream. How do you make it reality? Well you’ve both got to sit down and find out all the ins and outs to understand exactly what you’ll have to do to make it real. Sometimes our goals are too big and seem too large to achieve. However it’s a true fact that once you start understanding the complications that you start to create solutions to the problem.

It was a forever dream of mine to drive across the USA. From west to east. For over 20 years that dream simply wasn’t possible for me for countless reasons, but I knew what I needed to do, and when that opportunity arose I jumped on it and went. Dream trip ticked off with my fiancée, because we knew what we wanted and we were ready to go for it when the opportunity came within grasp. If you don’t know what your aiming from you’ll never get it. If you both work towards a goal you’ll make it easier for both of you to achieve it.

So it pays to do some in depth research even if at the moment it seems impossible. For that beach holiday in paradise or mountain retreat, how will you get there? What are the best times of the year to go and how long do you need to visit to truly experience the best of the destination. You don’t want to visit and find it’s the Serengeti’s rain season or peak mosquito time for the jungle trek. Not only does a destination season affect the experience but also the cost. School holidays are always more expensive for accommodation and flying so if you can go out of peak season, do so.

Take note of the destination currency. If you’re travelling to a place where your £ or $ is strong your money will go far. If it’s the other way around, those bottles of beer on the beach in the evening are going to seem pricey. Doing a road trip? How much is fuel and does your convertible Mustang go through it at a rapid rate? Then there’s parking. A month of valet parking with tips can easily run up to a thousand dollars if you don’t check out the free parking lots.

Will it be just the two of you or will you be travelling with friends? Grouping together can see you take advantage of big savings such as car hire.


How To Take Your Dream Trip As A Couple

How To Take Your Dream Trip As A Couple


  1. Save


You know where to go, you know when you want to go. Now it’s time to talk financials. It’s important not to see this as a barrier, but rather a scalable obstacle. There’s two of you remember, so getting over that obstacle is far easier working together.

You’ll need to add up every detail of the trip. How much are the flights, hotels, transport, food, tourism admission fees, insurance, visa applications, clothing, souvenirs. The list goes on and on unfortunately, but with clarity comes success.

Write a checklist together of all your outgoings and set up a travel savings or investment account. How can you funnel away money from your monthly subscriptions and household bills to that account? Remember every little helps and over time it’s amazing how it all adds up.


We should also talk about credit card reward accounts. You can achieve perks of travel through your daily spending and again, it all quickly adds up. Most major airlines and banks offer customers credit cards with airmiles. So the fuel you put in your car to get to work. You have to spend it, but you may as well earn some rewards on that money. By being financially savvy and putting all your outgoings on a card you can quickly tot up some serious discounts on flights. Just make sure you know how to balance your credit!


How To Take Your Dream Trip As A Couple

How To Take Your Dream Trip As A Couple


  1. Check


After spending some serious time checking out the art of the possible, it’s time to double check and find out if there’s any way to make it easier on you. Do you really need that Lamborghini hire on the Amalfi Coast, or will a Fiat do? Those designer swim shorts? Are they necessary for the hotel spa that you may not use? Be realistic and prioritise. Sure it’s great flying 1st class, a life experience in itself, but see the bigger picture and don’t let luxurious become a stumbling block to your experience away. When you look back 30 years later will you remember that bottle of champagne you had from the rooms mini bar?

Check all your documents several times. Make sure you have enough time left on your passport. Some places such as the USA ask that you have over six months after you end your trip. Don’t get caught out on your visa requirements. Ring the hotels or wherever you’re staying to make sure that they are expecting you and so to any vehicle hire companies. Make a note of emergency contacts and your home country consulates nearest to where you will be staying. Nobody wants an emergency whilst they are away, but it will be much easier to deal with if you’ve done a little prep beforehand.


  1. Do It


You’ve gone through all of the above. It may have taken you a month it may have taken 20 years. Whatever, it’s now a reality. Forget the fact you’ve spent your life savings and just enjoy. You’ve earned it and it’s as important to relax and live in the moment. Don’t let the thoughts of returning home and a return to reality dampen your dream journey. You may never get this chance again and trust us, you won’t remember the money it cost in 10 years. It’s all about the experience. That’s what counts. Take lots of photos and write postcards home. Little mementos will become cherished treasures later.


How To Take Your Dream Trip As A Couple

How To Take Your Dream Trip As A Couple

6. Create the next one


That’s it. You’ve both done it and you’ve returned home. Well done. You’ve realised your ambitions, perhaps you’ve returned completely revitalised people with a new outlook on life. What’s important now is to make a new dream. You’ve proved to each other and yourselves that dreams can become a reality. Be sure to make a reminder of your experience. Get your photos together and print them out. Don’t let them disappear into the depths of your computer.


The only problem you’ll have now is figuring out the next dream, and that’s the best problem in the world to have.