Sometimes we all need a little hearty and cosy pub to have a good feed in. Here at Hero & Leander we were invited to taste Head Chef Luke Hawkin’s menu at the newly revamped Globe Tavern in Borough Market, London.

For starters we had the crispy egg with lovage and fermented garlic. This really is something special. The crisp coating on the egg provides the meal with a good deal of texture. Once the cutting provides the dish with a fabulous yellow runny yolk the ‘soup’ really opens up and is a wonder on the senses. The lovage, a wonderful herb that isn’t used enough in cuisine, provides a bright green colour to the dish that ensures a dish that in today’s world – really deserves to be Instagrammed. A good deal of salt ensures that the meal is kicked off with a real punch. Next up we were anticipating our rabbit rillettes served on soda bread, and my companion had the asparagus with a smoked egg yolk. Which by the way, was smoked in front of us using tea leaves! Innovation and flavour. As for the rabbit, you do rarely see this game offering on the menu so even before we tasted it we were excited and certainly not disappointed. The tender meat it perfectly pair with the crunch of the soda bread.

On to the mains and we ordered the beef with beer pickled onions, savoy cabbage in a beer sauce and also the jersey royals with courgette, wet garlic and lemon courgette aioli. The beef was perhaps a little undercooked for my liking. I went off the chef’s recommendation of very rare however, being more of a medium person it’s worth speaking up if you want to ensure you’re getting how you like it. The vegetarian option was full of flavour and texture so don’t be out off the lack of meat. It’s a hearty and warming dish.

We had saved space for two desserts! Well to be more truthful, we made space as they were both fabulous dishes. A chocolate indulgence served with honeycomb and raspberries. The raspberries providing a good amount of sweet succulent to cut through the rich chocolate. This was all finished off with a light peach sorbet and strawberries. A very light dessert that even though you feel full is something that finishes off the whole meal. Completes the experience.

The Globe has an excellently put together menu, in a space that feels comfortable without being pretentious. It’s simply great food in a relaxed and friendly setting that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Why not have a drink here in the bar then head upstairs for a hearty meal.


Head Chef Luke Hawkins - The Globe Tavern

Head Chef Luke Hawkins – The Globe Tavern


The Menu - The Globe Tavern

The Menu – The Globe Tavern

Rabbit Rillettes - The Globe Tavern

Rabbit Rillettes – The Globe Tavern

All About Dessert - The Globe Tavern

All About Dessert – The Globe Tavern

The Globe Tavern

The Globe Tavern

Luke Hawkins - The Globe Tavern



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