They say opposites attract and who are we to argue with that? For this week’s date night we met outside the unassuming doors of UNI, on the corner of Ebury Street in Belgravia, to catch up over the fusion of Peruvian and Japanese. Whilst the spicy warmth of Peruvian food and the slick, cool fresh flavours of Japanese cuisine may seem thousands of miles apart, we can reconfirm that opposites really do attract.

One thing that is immediately noticeable about UNI is that the tables are very intimate; couples can sit quite closely opposite one another, close enough to whisper. Tucked into the far corner we took our seats to take a look at the menu which makes a mouth-watering read. Sitting facing the other diners worked in our favour, meaning that we could look out at the other tables to see what dishes we lusted after before ordering our own and soak up the quiet vibe of the restaurant. The preparing of dishes is done overhead meaning that each dish has a small, glorified entrance down the stairs to your table. Even the Edamame is presented beautifully and is smug-smile inducing – opt for the garlic and chili option for a satisfying twist to this simple dish.

Date Night At UNI

Date Night At UNI

To stay in keeping with the theme of our Peruvian-Japanese date we shared a bottle of Peruvian wine and ordered a selection of Maki. Our favourite has to be Crazy Roll, a swirl of crab, avocado, cucumber and seared salmon, a delectable mouthful of creamy, slightly smoky and cool goodness. We couldn’t have been happier that UNI has married Peruvian and Japanese dining on the smooth arrival of our Seabass Ceviche – what a punchy plateful. Anything in tiger’s milk seems to impress me but with red onion and rocoto pepper we feel the kick, melt and crunch of each small mouthful.

We follow with more California maki rolls (who can resist!), succulent lamb chops (sharing the third chop to avoid a break up on our date night) and light, crisp Popcorn Shrimp served with spicy mayo. Service flits to and fro, only interrupting us to present us with another beautiful dish. Without noticing our wine glasses are gently topped up and we’re able to dine in our own bubble.

Completing our sumptuous feast with Mochi Moriawase balls, to which the waiter kindly suggested waiting a few minutes for the insides to melt slightly, we scraped our plates clean.  We cannot wait to return soon for another date night – with so many incredible dishes, it seems only fair that we return to celebrate this impeccable fusion of foodie opposites.


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