We caught up with Scott and Megan of travelling blog Bobo & Chichi to find out about their lives on the road, how they afford to see the world and tips for travel hungry couples.

Tell us about Bobo & Chichi…

We are Scott and Megan, aka Bobo & Chichi. The two of us are married and travel enthusiasts. Before traveling together and our website we both worked 9-5 jobs in corporate America. Neither of us felt satisfied with our one week of vacation and decided we wanted to travel. We quit our jobs, moved to South Korea, and started a travel blog in our spare time. Since then we have developed new skills and a taste to travel to every possible place on the earth imaginable. Now, besides quenching our thirst to travel, we share our experiences with our followers to try and inspire others to explore the world and meet people from other cultures and countries through our stories, photography, and videos.


Why is it called Bobo  & Chichi?

Haha, this is a bit of a funny story. We were living and teaching in Seoul, South Korea and for the first time ever we had a schedule where we could actually pursue hobbies. We decided to do create a website and learn photography. However, we had no idea what we wanted to call our website and had a terribly hard time trying to find an original travel name. So after sipping on endless cups of coffee in our apartment working on the initial content for our website we decided to name our website after the two names on each of our coffee cups, Bobo & Chichi.


Where/How did you meet?

We met in California through two mutual friends who happened to be dating. We hit it off immediately and haven’t looked back since!


First trip away together?

Our first trip together was actually just a two hour weekend getaway away from our homes at the time in Southern California. We spent Scott’s birthday in La Jolla, San Diego and had a blast. We took a few more domestic trips like that before I eventually followed him to South Korea to teach English after 4 months of managing and nailing our distance relationship.


What made you decide to travel?

Scott got the insatiable thirst to travel after taking a 6 month backpacking trip through Asia with his ex-girlfriend who convinced him to travel. After the first week, she didn’t like it so much and Scott became hooked. Traveling long term with a partner is tough and can either make or break a relationship, lucky for me he got the taste of travel before meeting me! I studied abroad in Italy during college and just fell in love. I figured I would be able to graduate and take a nice holiday every year. After 4 years working in corporate America I realized I could barely get a long weekend, and when I was able to manage to get a week off of vacation I would spend my vacation visiting my family making it impossible to travel. Right when I was getting burnt out of corporate life is when I met Scott right after his 6 month trip. The two of us met at a time when we both were eager to travel and it just worked out perfectly.


Couples Interview : Bobo & Chichi

Couples Interview : Bobo & Chichi

Travelling can be expensive. What do you do to fund your passion?

It’s funny because oddly enough we were able to first fund our travel by quitting our jobs and moving to South Korea to teach English. It was much easier to save money there since our taxes in Korea were much lower, housing was taken care of, our flights were paid for, and we made a great salary to where it was easy to save a ton of money. After two years of teaching English we saved $70,000 combined and used that to help fund our travels. During that time we continued to work on building our brand, website, and following and now do destination marketing for countries and cities around the world. We turned our hobbies into real skills we could monetize which feels less like work since it’s a passion of ours.


How do you decide where to go next?

We want to go everywhere. Our next destination depends on the time of year, we try to skip places during peak season and show up on the shoulder seasons. We also pick based on affordability, how much time we have before another commitment, and if there’s something there that both of us are eager to experience.


Favourite place you’ve visited?

This is like asking a parent to pick a favourite child and extremely difficult if not impossible to answer! I will have to say one of our favourite travel experiences would have to be our 35 day road trip through the Czech Republic.


Favourite hotel/accommodation?

Another tough question, but one that stands out are the luxury villas in Bali we stayed in right before our wedding. Samabe Suites and Villas has to be one of the most amazing experiences ever. We had our own private villa with a pool and with just a few minutes walk down the cliffs to the private beach. There was a bath tub with a giant window and every morning I’d take a relaxing bath and watch the monkeys come to our villa with only the glass separating us. It was an unforgettable place and a perfect romantic spot to enjoy right before we tied the knot.


Tell us a travel memory that will live with you forever….

One memory that will stay with us forever and happens to also be one of our favourite stories to share is when we experienced a random act of kindness in Laos. We were completing a motorbike loop in Laos visiting their route of impressive caves. On our last leg of our journey our bike broke down and our maps weren’t loading. We had to guess and just walk in the direction we were going until we could reach the next town for help. We were taking turns pushing our motorcycle without seeing a soul in sight. Then a truck drove by filled with rice sacks. The truck turned around and stopped. It was a man, his wife, and their toddler. None of us could communicate through speaking since we didn’t know the local language and they didn’t know English, but somehow we were able to communicate through gestures and without hesitation the man got in the back of his truck and moved all of his rice so we could load our bike and he could drive us to the next town, which was 20 km away. Once we got there he made sure we were taken care of, within 10 minutes our bike was fixed and it only cost $2. We tried to offer them the rest of the money we had on us, which wasn’t much, and they didn’t want to take it. They simply wanted to help the visitors to their country who were stuck in a bad situation with nothing in return. We will never forget this family as they left a huge impact on us and it reminded us that there are kind people all over the world. When our parents worry about us abroad we always tell them these kinds of stories about how people in other countries take care of their foreign visitors. We also always meet travellers who have similar stories and it really gives you faith in humanity to hear how kind people are everywhere.


Tell us something you’ve learnt from travelling…

Don’t trust the media. This sounds like a no brainer but if we let the news dictate our travels we would be pretty much scared to go anywhere. It’s important to do independent research before visiting a place because the world isn’t as scary and ‘dangerous’ as you hear. This is something we still try to convince even our closest friends and family.


Bobo & Chichi’s favourite restaurant in the world?

Not a restaurant but the night markets in Taipei are out of this world! It helps that there’s two of us because we can sample and share everything we want to try.


How has your quality of life changed since travelling?

Yes, it’s better. We used to worry about the most trivial things and used to be more concerned about materialistic things. But once we left our old jobs and visited more places and realized that experiences are far more valuable than things our perspective started to shift. Not to mention, we meet people from all over the world that grew up or have far less than we ever had who live happy lives. We realized money can’t buy you everything and instead of worrying about making a large income, we want to make enough to continue travel and to have a cushion in case of an emergency.

Couples Interview : Bobo & Chichi

Couples Interview : Bobo & Chichi

What would you say to young couples that are torn between settling down and travelling the world? Can you do both? 

You can totally do both but you must prioritize what’s important for you at that time. Traveling all the time isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. It comes with sacrifices and we used to be really adamant about saving money to buy a house as soon as possible. Now we realize we do not want that kind of commitment to one place because we like traveling and even living abroad in different countries a year at a time. Decide what’s best for you and if you decide to buy a house and have a tighter budget, travel in your own backyard. Make an adventure out of your local area, traveling and experiencing new things doesn’t have to be expensive or far away.


What do you have planned next?

We are going to be doing some more US travel until early spring and then the rest is TBD. We have some exciting potential opportunities coming our way but they are not concrete or set in stone so we haven’t announced them yet!


What is your dream destination?

For Scott it would be traveling India by motorbike for an entire year, for me it would be moving to Italy for a year and sprucing up my Italian that I haven’t practiced in years.


Lifetime goals?

Our lifetime goals include maintaining a life of traveling. We eventually would like to have a homebase in the United States so we are closer to family and friends in between trips. We also would like to live in 10 different countries for at least a year before we turn 50.


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