We spoke to Peter & Kia to get a little couple inspiration about dating, travels and there favourite places to eat. Read what they had to say…

Where/How did you meet?

Peter was teaching photography at the time. I attended one of his classes as an observer as I was thinking of getting into teaching myself. We started talking and I asked if he could put me in touch with his head of department in case I had any questions. Peter not-so-subtly added his own contact details at the end. I sent him a message to say thank you and he wasted no time in asking me out.


First date?

We had dinner at a Brazilian restaurant in London and went on to an Italian place for dessert. We talked about our love of travel, Peter’s hopes to climb Everest one day and my upbringing as one of eight children. As with many great love stories, we talked until closing time without even realising. Our waitress hovered by the table and politely told us to wrap it up. Peter was flying off to Africa in two days to climb Kilimanjaro so I had to wait a month for our second date!

Couple Inspiration | Peter & Kia Easter Island

Couple Inspiration | Peter & Kia Easter Island

First trip away together?

We went to Iceland to see the Northern Lights. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the lights but we had a fantastic time regardless. We initially planned to stay in the capital but Peter suggested hiring a car and driving cross country. We visited the Blue Lagoon, Gullfoss Waterfall, Strokkur Geyser among others. He’s very spontaneous and I’m very pragmatic so we balance each other out. I keep him safe, he keeps me wild.


Where do you call ‘home’?

London is home but we haven’t spent more than three weeks there in the last 18 months. We are heading home for Christmas and will spend a few months there so we’re looking forward to that!


What is your favourite travel destination and why?

We love Jordan. It has amazing manmade sights (Petra!) as well as stunning natural landscapes (Dead Sea, Wadi Rum). The people are so warm and welcoming, the food is good and the weather is fantastic. We’d go back in a heartbeat. We also love the South Pacific. We recently travelled from Vanuatu to Hawaii via Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands and French Polynesia. Island culture definitely suited us!


What has been your favourite hotel that you have ever stayed in?

It has to be Baros in the Maldives. To us, luxury isn’t defined by stuffy, decorous five-star hotels which make you feel uncomfortable about folding your napkin the wrong way; luxury is feeling at home and enjoying the privilege of an understated and personalised service. We don’t need doors opened for us, but if you know our names, then we’ll notice that and appreciate it. Baros offered just the right level of service.

Couple Inspiration | Peter & Kia, diving in Tonga

Couple Inspiration | Peter & Kia, diving in Tonga

Most romantic thing you have ever done together?

We dined on a sandbank in the Maldives. It was a tiny slither of sand in the middle of the ocean with just the two of us, a personal chef and a waiter. Our lobsters were cooked on the beach over an open fire and we watched the sunset together. It was perfect.


Define your idea of romance?

Romance can be found not only in big, sweeping gestures but everyday actions too. It was romantic when Peter Skyped me on my birthday with the words ‘3pm, Heathrow, Rome’ but it’s also romantic when he lets me stay indoors on a cold day while he pops out for something we need, or when I call the takeout place because I know he doesn’t like talking on the phone. At core, romance is simply being kind to each other.


Favourite cuisine?

We love Indian food. I’m from a South-Asian family so I’ve always been able to handle my spice. Peter’s adjusted pretty well over the years. We always seek out Indian restaurants wherever we are in the world.


Favourite restaurant in the world?

Tifaimoana restaurant in Samoa. It’s completely unremarkable to look at – very basic decor, roadside location next to a motel out of town centre – but the food is phenomenal. We were so happy to find authentic Indian food in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We ate there three out of four nights.

Couple Inspiration | Peter & Kia, Mount Yasur volcano in Vanuatu

Couple Inspiration | Peter & Kia, Mount Yasur volcano in Vanuatu

How would you describe yourselves as a couple?

We are thrill seekers through and through. We’ve skydived, had flying lessons, swum with whales, trekked an active volcano and dived in the Galápagos Islands. We love anything that gets our hearts racing.


What inspires you to travel?

We love discovering stunning natural landscapes whether that’s the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia or Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina. Nothing competes with natural beauty. There is so much of it in the world and our desire to see it all keeps us on the road.


How has your quality of life changed since travelling?

Our quality of life is so much better now. There are no stressful commutes, no crowds, no clenching of fists to keep composure. We’ve both realised that city life isn’t for us long-term. We will return to London but we probably won’t stay for very long.

Couple Inspiration | Peter & Kia, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

Couple Inspiration | Peter & Kia, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

What do you have planned next?

We plan to spend a few months at home before heading off to the ‘stans’ (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan), heading towards Mongolia. We want to see a part of the world that is still largely off the beaten track.


What is your dream trip?

Cape to Cairo in Africa is the big one. We also want to see Greenland and Antarctica. The last one is tricky because there are moral reasons not to go there. If tourism opens up and trips to Antarctica become the norm, then the natural beauty of the place will surely be soiled.


Lifetime goals?

For Peter, climbing the seven summits. He has climbed Kilimanjaro and hopes to summit Elbrus in Russia in 2016. For me, it’s to make a home somewhere other than London. I want to live somewhere warm where the default mood is chilled out, not stressed out. Last Christmas, we spent a month in Tahiti and that suited me very well.


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