Tell us about Compass Chasers…?

We are a couple based in London with a passion for exploring the globe and chasing adventure. We love and write about everything from backpacking, luxury hotels, off-the-beaten track destinations, festivals to cultural city breaks.

Where/How did you meet?

In Newcastle at the Traverse blogger conference, through a mutual friend who really subtly introduced us.

First date?

Seeing Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas in the Waterloo Vaults – if you don’t count the trip to the chicken shop in Newcastle.

First trip away together?

Wilderness Festival.

Be Inspired By…Compass Chasers

Be Inspired By…Compass Chasers

We hear that you are heading to South America soon. Why South America?

Antonia – When I was about ten years old I was completely mesmerised by a photo I stumbled across of Machu Picchu. Ever since that moment, I’ve always wanted to travel to Peru and the rest of South America. It has also been a resolution to go before I turn 30…which is next year!

Where are you heading first?

Panama. We’ll spend some time there before sailing via the San Blas Islands to Colombia.

What do you have planned on your trip?

Not all that much so far – the sailing to Colombia, the Inca Trail, the salt flats in Bolivia and hopefully a road trip down the Carretera Austral, as well as some WWOOFing in Chile and Argentina (a volunteer scheme, which stands for Willing workers on organic farms)

Luxury Travel or Budget Backpacking?

A healthy mix of the two.

What inspires you to travel?

Pete – It’s something that’s been fundamental to me for as long as I can remember. I’ve never not travelled. My first flight was at two weeks old, and I’ve not really stopped.

Antonia – Same for me. I was born in Singapore and haven’t really stopped since, with stints in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Canada and Australia. I’m constantly inspired by beautiful destinations and the fascinating people you meet on the road.

Be Inspired By…Compass Chasers

Be Inspired By…Compass Chasers

Favourite place in the world and why?

Pete – Probably New Zealand. It’s just so big and beautiful

Antonia – That’s a tricky one. Probably Toronto, or Canada in general, I spent my year abroad there and have such fond memories from that year. It is such a vast and wild country with the most incredible wildlife.

Favourite type of cuisine?

Pete – I can always eat Indian food, but I do love a Sunday roast.

Antonia – traditional Spanish tapas washed down with a glass (or two) of refreshing Cava.

Best place you have ever eaten in the world?

Pete – This is really hard, but I think a restaurant called L’Epicurean in Grenoble. Classic French food just done amazingly well.

Antonia – I loved the food in Vietnam and we had some amazing meals and street food. One of my favourite spots was Morning Glory in Hoi An, which serves really fresh and delicious traditional food. They also run great cookery courses.

Favourite hotel you have ever stayed in?

Pete – The Lake Naivasha Country Club in Kenya. It felt like a real old world hotel, complete with gazelles wandering the grounds.

Antonia – Foxhill Manor; an idyllic hideaway on a 400-acre estate in the Cotwolds. It only has eight-bedrooms; each one more gorgeous and stylish than the last and during my stay I had quite possibly the best bath of my entire life.

Be Inspired By…Compass Chasers

Be Inspired By…Compass Chasers

Define your idea of romance?

Pete – Someone to share everything with and really feel like a subconscious extension of your self

Antonia – What Pete said…

What has been your most exciting adventure together?

Pete – This trip to South America will be it, but thus far, probably canyoning in Vietnam or sailing around Halong Bay.

Antonia – Or road-tripping around Montenegro was definitely an experience.

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done together?

Pete – I’ll let Antonia answer that.

Antonia – I once went to meet Pete at the airport with a home-made sign. I was slightly shocked to see a gaggle of hysterical 16-year-old girls also waiting by the arrivals. Who, unsurprisingly weren’t waiting for Pete, but for the imminent arrival of Shawn Mendes (I had to quickly google who he is…)

How would you describe yourselves as a couple?

Easy-going, a bit silly and travel obsessed.

Be Inspired By…Compass Chasers

Be Inspired By…Compass Chasers

What is your dream trip?

Pete – Antarctica. I’m drawn to cold and wild places, and it doesn’t get much colder or wilder!

Antonia – South America – which is very soon to become a reality! After that, probably Greenland, Churchill in Canada (to see the polar bears), Iran and Sri Lanka. A slightly eclectic mix

Lifetime goals?

Pete – Never having to work in an office again?

Antonia – Continue to travel until I’m old and grey. Oh, and get a cat.