We spoke to the inspiring couple Collette & Scott from Roamaroo to find out a little more about them.

Where/How did you meet?

We met in an unconventional way…in Las Vegas. Scott was at a bachelor party and I was at a birthday party and hit it off! What happens in Vegas clearly doesn’t stay in Vegas.

First date?

We danced the night away at a Dave Matthews Concert at Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL.

First trip away together?

The first year and a half of our relationship was spent in a long distance relationship, travelling between Chicago and Los Angeles to see one another. The first vacation we took together was to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico for New Years. We spent our days playing beach volleyball and our nights dancing at the downtown nightclubs.

Collette & Scott | Roamaroo

Collette & Scott | Roamaroo

What inspired you to pack up and travel the world?

We had always talked about the idea of traveling the world, but it wasn’t until we listened to a Tim Ferriss and Rolf Potts podcast on “vagabonding” that we actually put action to the idea. We thought of the idea when we are old and grey, telling the story of our lives to our grandchildren, and we thought that if we don’t travel now, we’ll regret it for the rest of our lives. 20 years from now, would you rather say, “I almost travelled the world” or would you rather say, “I travelled the world?”

How do you decide where to go next?

Prior to leaving for our trip, we made an excel spreadsheet of dream destinations – one list for Scott, and one list for Collette. Luckily, most of our dream destinations lined up, but some differed. It’s rare for one of us to say “no” to a location because they all offer something special. In the beginning, we planned a great deal of our travels ahead of time, but after almost 10 months on the road, we now play a lot by ear, learning as we go. It’s important for us to make friends on the road and get people’s opinions on their favourite destinations. One of our favourite times on our around the world trip was when we made friends with an Australian couple in Bali and then visited them in Australia. We took a road trip from Sydney to their hometown of Southwest Rocks, a town on the east coast of Australia far away from the tourist traps.

Collette & Scott | Roamaroo

Collette & Scott | Roamaroo

What is your favourite travel destination (so far) and why?

Our favourite destination has definitely been our safari in Kruger National Park. We stayed at Londolozi, a game reserve situated in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve and known for their abundance of leopards. There is an emotional and visceral reaction that you experience when you’re placed in the jungle with wild animals. It’s completely primal and an overwhelming sensory experience. You have to be able to smell, hear, and feel the animals. You cannot experience this on a computer, on TV, or anywhere else.

What has been your favourite hotel that you have ever stayed in?

Our favourite hotel has definitely been Six Senses Laamu in the Maldives. From start to finish, the experience Six Senses Laamu provided us was above and beyond anything we’ve ever experienced. From greeting us with their own private boat to a full crew welcome on their own private island, the all-day complimentary ice cream bar (Coco’s favourite) to the private coral reef for scuba diving, every amenity and feature was incredible.

Collette & Scott | Roamaroo

Collette & Scott | Roamaroo

Most rewarding experience whilst travelling?

We travelled to Kunda, India with an American film crew to shoot a pro-bono advertisement for The Kripalu School, a girls school in India run entirely on donations. Most young girls in India are married young or sold to other families, never getting the chance at an education. This school is giving the girls a chance to have an education and a chance to have a future.

Most romantic thing you have ever done together?

By far, the most romantic thing we’ve done is rent a campervan in New Zealand. While it’s rustic and not your typical romantic getaway, it was just the two of us and the open road. We could spend our days hiking in nature, laying on rock beaches, and swimming in glacier fed lakes. At night, we could pull over and camp underneath the stars, concentrating on each other to the exclusion of the world with the backdrop of one of the most beautiful places.

Collette & Scott | Roamaroo

Collette & Scott | Roamaroo

Define your idea of romance?

Sharing our thoughts and dreams of the future over a great bottle of wine.

Favourite cuisine?

Definitely Italian! Nothing is better than a bowl of pici pasta and a glass (or two) of Brunello in Tuscany!

Favourite restaurant in the world?

Abroad, our favourite restaurant is Pizzeria del Ghetto in Civitavecchia (the port of Rome). We stumbled upon this little gem on our honeymoon before we left on a Seadream cruise. There are two menu choices: pizza with cheese & pizza without cheese. There are two wine choices: red or white. The pizza was by far the best pizza we’ve had in the world and the simplicity of the restaurant only added to the charm. We even took a detour on our around the world trip to stop in Civitavecchia and gorge ourselves on this pizza. We are also going back this summer to make another visit. At home, our favourite restaurant is Fishing with Dynamite in our hometown of Manhattan Beach, California. It’s a tiny restaurant that only seats ~20 people right by the ocean. They have the absolute best seafood we’ve ever tasted, all wrapped in an incredibly unpretentious setting (a hard feat in California).

Collette & Scott | Roamaroo

Collette & Scott | Roamaroo

How would you describe yourselves as a couple? (eg. Thrill seekers, foodies etc.)

We are definitely thrill seekers and lovers of adventure. Our favourite destinations have been New Zealand and South Africa. In New Zealand, we hiked our way around the South Island, with every twist and turn portraying itself like a perfect postcard. The best experience we’ve ever had is hands down a luxury safari in Kruger National Park at Londolozi. The rawness and purity of being one with the wild is something that will stay with us forever. The essence of adventure and the delight of thrill lights our souls on fire.

How has your quality of life changed since travelling?

Since travelling, we definitely have scaled back on purchasing material “things.” It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race and try to keep up with The Jones’, but ultimately, that didn’t fulfil us. We will gladly spend money on experiences as those make us the richest.

What would you say to people that are thinking about travelling the world?

Do it and do it now! There is never a perfect time to change your life. There will always be a reason stopping you – your job, family, time, or any other excuse that makes its way in.

Collette & Scott | Roamaroo

Collette & Scott | Roamaroo

What do you have planned next?

We will be heading to Europe for 6 weeks to kick off the summer season! We will be romancing our way through Belgium and The Netherlands with Tourism Belgium & Tourism Amsterdam. Then we head south to bike our way through Italy on a Backroads trip through Puglia. After that, we’re renting a campervan and driving around Iceland, camping under the stars. We’ll cap off our European adventure with a trip to the fjords in Norway!

What is your dream destination?

Definitely Machu Picchu! We would love to hike the Inca Trail and camp out under the stars, culminating our trek on the top of Machu Picchu. We can only imagine how emotionally rewarding that experience would be.

Lifetime goals?

To help share the world with others and remove the stigma that taking a vacation is bad!



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