H&L: How did you both meet?

L&A: We met because we had a friend in common.


H&L: Where was your first date?

L&A: It was a cold day in January and we went out for burger in Padua where we both live. One of us kept talking and the other was very silent – until we started talking about travelling and that’s when we kept the conversation going.



Luca & Alessandro | The Globbers

Luca & Alessandro | The Globbers


H&L: First trip away together?

L&A: Our first trip was to Bruxelles. We wanted to take a plane to go somewhere and we decided to go to the first city we had in mind, without thinking twice.


H&L: Luca, what is the most romantic thing that Alessandro has ever done for you?

L&A: On my birthday Alessandro took me by surprise to the airport and we flew to Paris.


H&L: Alessandro, what its the most romantic thing that Luca has ever done for you?

L&A: The first Sunday morning we spent together, he made me a very special breakfast that you can’t even have in the most luxurious hotels. Since then, every Sunday morning when we wake up we have the same great meal.


H&L: What is your favourite travel destination and why?

L&A: South-East Asia is fascinating. Something about the destination gives us a feeling of great peace and serenity that is very hard to find here in Western countries.

Life is much more simple and less frenzy than ours, and everyone is willing to help each other even if they live in true poverty.


H&L: What has been your favourite hotel that you have ever stayed in?

L&A: Haad Yao Bayview Resort in Koh Phangan. We were searching on Booking.com and we found it a few days before leaving for the island. A true Paradise!


H&L: Define your idea of romance?

L&A: A white sandy beach, a sunset, a few pillows and a couple of beers. That’s all we need!


H&L: What has been your most exciting adventure or experience together?

L&A: Last year’s trip to Thailand was our best adventure yet. We spent two weeks discovering this amazing country from north to south, from Chiang Mai to Bankgok and Koh Phangan.


H&L: Favourite place to eat in the world?

L&A: Italy is No.1!

Be Inspired By...The Globbers

Be Inspired By…The Globbers

H&L: How would you describe yourselves as a couple?

L&A: Wanderlust seekers. It doesn’t matter where, when and why. The most important thing is to keep travelling, discovering and eating well.


H&L: What is your favourite thing about travelling together?

L&A: Complicity and union. When one of us has a moment of weakness the other is ready to give strenght and comfort and viceversa. Last but not least, we always agree on what we have to do together.


H&L: What is your dream trip?

L&A: Our dream will soon become reality. Stay tuned, we will keep Hero & Leander updated.


H&L: What would you say to other couples considering travelling?

L&A: Travelling in pairs is not always easy. If the two of you can’t get along and find a balance you will inevitably get on each others nerves but travelling is a mind opening experience that always surprises and enriches.

Our advice is to never back down and never give up the opportunity to do new experiences with your partner.

This is a way of always finding new things about each other.


H&L: What are your long term plans with The Globbers website? Will we see any new features?

L&A: Our online blog www.theglobbers.com is becoming bigger day by day.

Thanks to Instagram and our followers we have achieved great visibility and that is our tool to document our journeys.

We will continue to write about the places we visit, telling of our curiosity, experiences and emotions that we will live firsthand.

As regards to the collaborations we are open to any type of proposal and we are willing to put our to the service of anyone who wants to share this great adventure with us.



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Luca & Alessandro | The Globbers

Luca & Alessandro | The Globbers