We speak to Stefan and Sebastien of the Nomadic Boys and find out a little bit about life together.

Tell us about Nomadic Boys…?

We are gay couple Stefan (Greek) and Sebastien (French) and Nomadic Boys is our travel blog of our adventures around the world.

Throughout our 7 years relationship, we’ve always loved travelling together.

We used to have comfortable 9-5 jobs in London, Stefan was a lawyer and Sebastien an IT consultant. But we just weren’t passionate or in any way driven by about our jobs – they were more a means to an end, which paid the bills.

Our dream was travel and discover the world. So after several years of planning and saving, we left in June 2014 for our big trip in Asia where we’ve been ever since.

We created our Nomadic Boys blog just before leaving so we could record and laugh about our adventures, stories and discoveries with our friends and family. It has since grown a lot, particularly within the gay travel community.

Be Inspired By Stefan & Sebastien Of The Nomadic Boys

Be Inspired By Stefan & Sebastien Of The Nomadic Boys

Where/How did you meet?

We first set eyes on each other on Tuesday 24th February 2009 at the GAY bar in Soho, London. Sebastien was meeting friends to talk about moving to Spain to start a new life and Stefan was meeting a work colleague about a possible career move. We were too shy to speak to one another and it was Stefan’s friend who helped break the ice.

We have been together for over 6 years. After 2 years, we bought our flat together, renovated it and enjoyed a happy life in London. We figured if we can survive that, then surely we can survive travelling together long term.


First date?

Our first date was the subsequent Friday after meeting – 27 February 2009 – we set this as our anniversary date and always do something special every year to celebrate it.

For our first date, Sebastien took Stefan to Beaujolais Bar in Leicester Square in London – his favourite French bar in the city. We then had a romantic meal at a Flamenco restaurant and danced the night away – and have been doing that together ever since.

Be Inspired By Stefan & Sebastien Of The Nomadic Boys

Be Inspired By Stefan & Sebastien Of The Nomadic Boys

First trip away together?

Our first trip away together was to Venice to celebrate our first year anniversary in February 2010. Outside of Europe, it was to Thailand a few years later.


Most rewarding travel experience?

We have loved Mongolia, Nepal and Cambodia the most. But overall, we’d both agree on the Philippines was the most rewarding because about a year into our travels as Nomadic Boys (May 2015), this was also the same time the blog really started to take off.

In London, we have many Filipino friends and heard a great deal about the country from them.

We therefore arrived in the Philippines with extremely high expectations. These were not only exceeded but also left us with a craving to return. We have fallen in love with it, particularly the Filipinos who we have a massive soft spot for: their faces just exude this a genuine friendliness and warmth.

Be Inspired By Stefan & Sebastien Of The Nomadic Boys

Be Inspired By Stefan & Sebastien Of The Nomadic Boys

We hear that you are in Montevideo. What is it like?

Montevideo, and Uruguay in particular, is a completely underrated destination in Latin America. There are huge similarities to Argentina/Buenos Aires (both claim the tango, dulce de leche, steak and yummy wines), but Uruguay is a more relaxed country. It’s like the Netherlands of Latin America – laws on drugs are more relaxed here (for example it’s legal to possess any drug, whilst dealing is obviously illegal) and it’s one of the most gay friendly destinations we’ve visited.

Montevideo is chilled, with plenty to see and do and even have an active gay scene. Our favourite is a romantic evening walk (or morning jog) along the Ramblas beach front.

Be Inspired By Stefan & Sebastien Of The Nomadic Boys

Be Inspired By Stefan & Sebastien Of The Nomadic Boys

Where do you plan to travel next?

Our next big trip is to Ecuador, which will include our luxury gay cruise to the Galapagos Islands with some of our readers. This has been an ultimate bucket list destination for us so you cannot believe how excited we are about this!

Read the Nomadic Boys Galapagos article here nomadicboys.com/luxury-gay-cruise-to-the-galapagos


Where is the most romantic place that you have been?

Flower Island in the Philippines definitely ranks as one of our most romantic experiences.

Flower Island is one of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. It’s small with only a handful of people at any one time and an hour speedboat ride away from the nearest transport hub: Palawan Island.

We stayed here in June 2015 and it was our romantic, tropical and paradise like getaway for lots of beach fun, snorkelling, general chilling and some stunning sunsets.

Read more about it here http://nomadicboys.com/flower-island-resort-romantic-getaway

Be Inspired By Stefan & Sebastien Of The Nomadic Boys

Be Inspired By Stefan & Sebastien Of The Nomadic Boys

What inspires you to travel?

Travelling is one of the most important things we have in common and both love to do. It has kept our relationship exciting as we move from one destination to the next, at the same time developing Nomadic Boys.

We make friends in each new destination we visit and this is perhaps the single most exciting thing about travelling –the knowledge and experiences you gain from the many people you meet along the journey.


Favourite place in the world and why?

Every country is so diverse with something incredible to offer, whether it’s the scenery, people, food etc.

The Komodo National Park in Indonesia particularly blew us away and definitely ranks as one of our favourite places. This is where you come to visit the largest reptiles in the world – the famous Komodo Dragons. In addition, the underwater world is stunning! This was some of the best scuba diving we’ve ever done, with a plethora of tropical fish, sharks and turtles in every dive.

Read more about it here nomadicboys.com/diving-komodo-national-park-indonesia

Be Inspired By Stefan & Sebastien Of The Nomadic Boys

Be Inspired By Stefan & Sebastien Of The Nomadic Boys

Favourite type of cuisine?

We love the Asian cuisine, especially Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankans make a curry out of anything, whether it’s a pineapple, jack fruit or aubergine and unlike Indian curries, use less ghee so it’s not as heavy. Vietnamese noodle dishes set us into a culinary frenzy and of course Thai street food is renowned for its fiery curries, salads and pad Thais.


Best place you have ever eaten in the world?

Japan pretty much nails it with everything. Everything is done with such immaculate precision and always with a friendly smile. Eating out in Japan is a treat, whether it’s sushi in Tokyo, okonomiyaki in Hiroshima (the Japanese pancake) or tempura, you know you’re in for culinary heaven.


Favourite hotel you have ever stayed in?

The St Regis in Bali definitely ranks as one of our favourite luxury experiences during our travels. This is the place honeymooners come or couples wanting to celebrate a special anniversary.

Be Inspired By Stefan & Sebastien Of The Nomadic Boys

Be Inspired By Stefan & Sebastien Of The Nomadic Boys

Define your idea of romance?

Bubbles! Champagne in a Jacuzzi full of bubbles – true bubbles paradise!


What is the most romantic thing you have ever done together?

We recently spent Stefan’s birthday horse riding by moonlight through the Uruguayan countryside of Rocha, followed by a romantic private Jacuzzi with bubbles with a view of the beach front.


How would you describe yourselves as a couple?

We are an open minded, fun loving couple who love to travel, cook and eat.


What is your dream trip?

For Stefan it would be a cruise to Antarctica. Sebastien on the other hand has always dreamed of doing a road trip adventure across the USA.


Lifetime goals?

We see older couples in their 50s 60s doing the similar thing to us and we look at them with such admiration and hope this will be us in decades to come – still doing what we love, with a smile on our faces.


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