H&L : Where & How did you meet?


A&N : We met in a hostel in Edinburgh, Scotland in October 2011. We were both traveling on separate journeys and just happened to pick the same hostel and be assigned to the same dorm.


H&L : Where was your first date?


A&N : Our first real date was one month after we first met when we reconnected in London for a November weekend. We explored pubs, enjoyed an outdoor winter carnival and went antique shopping in Notting Hill.


H&L : And where was your first trip away together?

A&N : When we were both back in the US, we visited one another in our separate states and then started “officially” dating. During one of Nathan’s visits up to Vermont we drove north and explored Montreal, Canada together. It was a little piece of Europe for us.

Amy & Nathan | A Hero & Leander couple

Amy & Nathan | A Hero & Leander couple

H&L : Amy, what is the most romantic thing that Nathan has ever done for you?

A&N : Once when we were apart during my birthday, he sent me a dozen postcards he’d collected on various trips around the world. On each one he wrote a different thing that he loved about me.


H&L : Nathan, what is the most romantic thing that Amy has ever done for you?


A&N : For Valentine’s Day one year she created a handmade book using all 52 cards from a deck. On each one she’d written a reason she loved me, illustrated with magazine clippings, stickers and more.


H&L : What has been your favourite hotel that you have ever stayed in?

A&N : I think the best place we’ve ever stayed was the Ballachulish Hotel in Glen Coe, Scotland. From the incredible loch view outside our window to the bagpiper whose music reverberated through the halls precisely at 6pm, it was the iconic romantic Scottish experience.


H&L : Define your idea of romance?


A&N : Standing hand in hand at the top of a mountain after a tough yet rewarding hike. Or sitting side by side in front of a fire, cozied up with books, hot tea, and one another. It’s the simple things.


H&L : What has been your most exciting adventure together?


A&N : Definitely swimming with whale sharks – the biggest fish in the sea. We did that in 2015 in Exmouth, Australia and it was unbelievable.


H&L : Where is your favourite place to eat in the world?


A&N : Allanwater Cafe, Bridge of Allan, Scotland – amazing fish n’ chips and deep fried haggis. ahhhh…


H&L : How would you describe yourselves as a couple?


A&N : Thoughtful, literary, coffee shop lovers and snugglers.


H&L : How do you decide on where you will travel to next?


A&N : It depends on money and goals. I think we are both willing to go anywhere, so our travels just depend on what makes the most sense.


H&L : What do you have planned next?


A&N : Our honeymoon will be late April in British Columbia and Alberta Canada, and then our next adventure will take us to a family wedding in Milan, Italy in August, followed by a glamping experience in Slovenia. Eastern Europe here we come.

Amy & Nathan | A Hero & Leander couple

Amy & Nathan | A Hero & Leander couple

H&L : What is your favourite thing about travelling together?


A&N : Seeing beautiful things and walking in the steps of history.


H&L : What is your dream trip?


A&N : We actually had to think long and hard about this. I think that we believe we will eventually go everywhere we dream about! But I think a dream trip right now for us involve getting up close and personal to photograph wildlife all across the planet, perhaps traveling with a National Geographic crew or a famous wildlife photographer.


H&L : What would you say to other couples considering travelling and spending so much time together?


A&N : I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than travel with Nathan. If a couple is considering this, I’d suggest they start small with a shorter trip, and perhaps one that takes them out of their comfort zone. Traveling as a couple is a great test of compatibility, but it is so rewarding and life changing as well.



H&L : You’re obviously creating a lifestyle away from the typical 9 – 5 through your travelling and website. What inspired you to start your site?


A&N : We started our site as a way to showcase our stories and photography, not necessarily as a way to make money. We’re both freelancers: writing, copywriting, editing, etc. and those avenues are mostly how we earn our living. But now, the site and our social media has been growing tremendously and is increasingly becoming another way for us to make an income.


H&L : What are your future plans for the site?


A&N : Now that we have been successful at creating this unique lifestyle, we’d love to show others how to do it as well. We will continue to share personal, authentic posts about our relationship, as well as continuing to share travel tips and more.


Website – http://www.twodrifters.us

Twitter – @two_drifters_