As the winter draws in, it’s time to start carving the pumpkins and choosing the perfect spooky outfits to celebrate Halloween this October! Not traditionally known as a celebration for couples, here at H&L we have decided that times need to change. Starting with our selection of must try places to eat and drink together this Halloween. No tricks, only treats…

Scary Sushi Set & Pumpkin Cocktail – Murakami, Covent Garden

Come Halloween head to Murakami and indulge in its specially created “Scary Sushi Set”, which includes Aburi Rainbow Roll, Red Wave Roll (4pcs each) sushi roll alongside with Aburi Salmon, Tuna and Yellowtail nigiri (£15), and a pumpkin cocktail, designed to leave you quaking in your boots with joy! The perfect pick-me-up after a Halloween costume shopping-spree in the famous West-End, Murakami aims to give customers a cutting-edge, good-value dining experience showcasing Izakaya cuisine at its best. For something a little less spooky, enjoy this modern restaurant’s assortment of Japanese delicacies alongside fine Japanese beers, lagers, wine, whisky and house sake.

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11 Places Where You NEED To Eat & Drink This Halloween | Vampire Negroni - Four Hundred Rabbits

12 Places Where You NEED To Eat & Drink This Halloween | Vampire Negroni – Four Hundred Rabbits

Vampire Negroni – Four Hundred Rabbits

Get a taste of terror this year with the Vampire Negroni at the newly opened 400 Rabbits in Nunhead, South-East London. Their signature cocktail has been ‘vamped up’ with Dolin red vermouth, Campari, Sipsmith gin and Hellfire habanero bitters to add bite… Garnished with ruby grapefruit, this deliciously dangerous drink is available for one night only (31st October) and priced at £3.50.

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Witches Ramen – Gyoza Bar, Covent Garden

Escape the gargoyles this Halloween and step into Gyoza Bar to indulge in its specially created “Vampire Gyoza with bloody sauce” (£7).The first ramen and gyoza bar to hit London, Gyoza Bar has dyed noodles a spooky squid-ink black to leave even the strongest of tummies doing somersaults. Gulp down with a range of premium sake, wine and Japanese beers.

For those wishing to stay away from the creepy, the menu also showcases a variety of gyoza and bao buns. Star dishes include Chicken Gyoza with garlic vinegar & umami, Ebi Dangojiru (soy based broth with ebi gyoza) and Pulled Pork Bao Bun served with roasted peanuts.

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11 Places Where You NEED To Eat & Drink This Halloween | Spooky Swills - Las Iguanas

12 Places Where You NEED To Eat & Drink This Halloween | Spooky Swills – Las Iguanas

Spooky Swills – Las Iguanas

For a scary South American treat this Halloween, head over to Las Iguanas where they’ve conjured up the ‘Zombie Skull’ cocktail. This wicked mix of flaming overproof rum, absinthe, lime, pineapple and grenadine is served as a sharer for four people (£18.50), so there’s no excuse not to bring friends and slurp on this spooky swill. Get the Las Iguanas experience this Halloween!

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Spookini Cocktail – Voltaire Bar, Blackfriars

Don your best fancy dress and head down to Voltaire Bar within Crowne Plaza Hotel for its special ‘Spookini cocktail’, available on 31stOctober for just £10. A maddening mix of tequila, angostura bitters, agave syrup, tomato juice, Tabasco and a squeeze of zesty lime, it’ll be sure to leave you feeling electric-uted!

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11 Places Where You NEED To Eat & Drink This Halloween | Deathly Damson Cocktail - The Unruly Pig, Suffolk

12 Places Where You NEED To Eat & Drink This Halloween | Deathly Damson Cocktail – The Unruly Pig, Suffolk

Deathly Damson Cocktail – The Unruly Pig, Suffolk

Choose your poison at The Unruly Pig this Halloween. Featuring a ‘Deathly Damson’ negroni at the award-winning Suffolk pub and restaurant, their spooky sip has been created with a brew of blood-red damson cordial, Campari, a shot of Vermouth and Bombay Sapphire gin, then shaken on ice with a slice of lime, priced at £8.

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Healthy Potions – Rawligion

Quench your thirst this Halloween with Rawligion’s specially created “John Dee” potion (£6) designed to refresh, invigorate and awaken you! This mysteriously black coloured drink is packed with Grapefruit, Lime, Ginger Volcanic Salt, Charcoal, Black Magic Extract, Shungite, Shilajit and Obsidian Infused Alkaline pH 8.5 Water. Not only does it look the part but it also tastes deliciously fresh and zesty! And if you want to steer clear of those Halloween bumper packs of sweets, why not try Rawligion’s healthy RAW chocolate and rum truffles for an indulgent treat that won’t pile on the pounds.

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Chocolate Skulls – R Chocolate London

This upscale chocolate shop in the heart of Belgravia is offering a scary selection of treats to celebrate Halloween. Choose between their spooky Chocolate Skulls which are available in milk, dark or white; the Haunted House which can be personalised for you; the unique and melt-in-the-mouth Chocolate Pumpkins… and much more! R Chocolate London will be opening at the end of October, just in time for Halloween. Of course this new store won’t just be a Chocolatier, it will be a destination. Born out of a passion for chocolate, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild’s chocolate shop & patisserie has taken its inspiration from some of the most indulgent chocolatiers across the globe. Chocolate couverture is sourced exclusively from award-winning chocolate makers Original Beans – the first and only chocolate producer approved by the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

These terrifying treats will be available to purchase in the Richmond Store from the 5th October and the Belgravia Store from the 19th October.


The Haunted House – Polo Bar

Calling all Londoners who want to have a terrifically terrifying time, enter Polo 24 Hour Bar if you dare. If you arrive at this haunted house on Halloween weekend there are some exciting tricks and surprises in store for you… Each guest is invited to climb the creaky stairs to the top floor where they must hunt the spider in order to win some creepy Crepes and free Black Magic cocktail. It’s always key to sink your fangs into something before you venture out on your night of revelry and Polo bar has something for everyone. The door never shuts and the oven never gets cold, head on in for the much needed nutrition you will need to get you through the hustle and bustle of Halloween in the big city.

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The Marshmallow Man Cocktail – Smith & Wollensky 

Smith & Wollensky’s Stay Buff Marshmallow Man cocktail is dedicated to the lost souls and ghouls. In 1984 New York was under attack, for unclear reasons by a giant and sticky abomination called the Stay Buff Marshmallow Man.  Luckily four heroes emerged, crossed the Hudson River and were victorious. Smith & Wollensky have used the explosive remains to create a marshmallow syrup coupled with mint, Bulleit bourbon and Crème de violette for a refreshing digestif… Who you gonna call…? Head on down for a disturbingly delicious (yet superbly sophisticated) Halloween cocktail, rest in the stylish settings of The Adelphi Bar before marching on to your night of haunting revelry.

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Petrifying Pumpkin Patties – Rudie’s

Jammin’ Jamaican restaurant Rudie’s is serving up a sumptuous spooky snack to get you in the mood for a night of revelry this Halloween. Head on in and feast on three of their special Pumpkin Patties or a hubble-bubbling Jamaican chicken soup for £5! Sink your fangs into these spectacular black pastry patty’s that are oozing with pumpkin and feta. Everyone needs a bite before they head out, why not wash down these creepy creations with an expertly mixed rum cocktail, Rudie’s know how to get you in the celebratory spirit!

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12 Places Where You NEED To Eat & Drink This Halloween | ‘Blood Feast’- A Celebration Of Gothic Horror At Balans Soho Society

12 Places Where You NEED To Eat & Drink This Halloween | ‘Blood Feast’- A Celebration Of Gothic Horror At Balans Soho Society

‘Blood Feast’- A Celebration Of Gothic Horror At Balans Soho Society

As the autumn light begins to slowly fade, ushering in the unforgiving darkness of winter, the veil between this world and the next becomes dangerously thin. Evil spirits, fiends and beasts will walk among us. On Saturday 29th October 2016, from 7pm to midnight, Balans Soho Society invites you to an evening dedicated to celebrating the demons to be found both without and – perhaps most disturbing of all – those found within…Unlock your inner demons this Halloween with cursed cocktails made with, amongst other terrifying tidbits, the hollow screams of the abandoned or tincture of tears of an innocent man, carefully distilled in-house.There will also be an especially prepared, devilishly depraved and not for the faint of heart, ‘Blood Feast’ menu.

TO START, perhaps the tender and juicy Chicken Heart Yakitori served with crunchy Asian Slaw (£7) will get the heart racing. Or delicious Devilled Kidneys served with Wild Mushrooms on toast (£8) will live up to the promise of its name.

TO FOLLOW, a sumptuous Braised Lamb’s Heart is stuffed to bursting with softly melting chicken liver and pistachio, served with creamy mashed potato and a rich gravy (£14). How ironic that such a warmly decadent dish can make the blood run ice cold.

ANY LAST WORDS? How about ‘I’ll have the Spiced Apple Mousse served with a brandy snap and salted caramel I-Scream…’? (£7) It’s guaranteed to finish anyone off.

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