We Want To Be Here Right Now

A wish to explore the world, one week at a time...

New Years In New Zealand

25th December 2016

That's it folks. The end of 2016 as we know it. Was it a good year for you? Make 2017 better? Where better to start the year than one of the very first places on the globe to welcome in January 1st - New Zealand, specifically Wellington. Imagine watching the sunset on 2016, dropping below the stunning mountains that surround the city, only for the night sky to be lit up by fireworks at midnight. 


This sounds like a perfect start to the year...

Christmas Markets

4th December 2016

Christmas is fast approaching! The nights are dark and the days cold. There's Christmas music playing in the streets and everybody's mind turns to food and drink. 

Enjoying the evening's is what it is all about and spending time with family and friends. So where better to do this than Europe's many Christmas markets. There's so many wonderful cities to experience, Ghent, Berlin, Copenhagen, London to name but just a few. 


Can we do a different one each night of the week please....?! 


Take a look at these markets for a little inspiration. 


21st November 2016

America is certainly going through some historical times at the moment. Putting all that aside and getting back to basics, it's the week in the lead up to Thanksgiving. Where the country steps back and everyone gives thanks to what they have around them. Counting their blessings, being with family and celebrating. It's a focus on the positives of life and a joyous time. Why would you not wish to be a part of it? 


"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them" - John F. Kennedy


14th November 2016

So it's been a busy week in the real world. Post election. Approaching Christmas. Work deadlines. Everything seems to be happening and it would be nice just to take a real break. Get away from it all. Reconnect with nature. November is a great time to visit Nepal. In fact it's the best time. Clear skies, warmer days that ensure it's not too cold in the high country and not too hot in the Terai, make it a climbers and visitors optimum visiting time. The mountains against deep blue skies look stunning and it's surely one of the greatest places to be away from the desk. The country is of course famous for it's world class trekking and mountaineering routes through the Himalayas, with of course Everest standing above all. Yet there are countless other reasons to visit. Kathmandu is a fascinating city, and Bhaktapur is a heritage site, with architecture carved from wood and adorned with sculptures. The wildlife is also stunning and you can see elephants in the Rapti River as well as the magnificent Chitwan and Bardia National Parks. 


Stunning skies and landscapes, peaceful and slower ways of life, beautiful wildlife and delightful cuisine, makes Nepal our choice for this week.