“This piece is about how an artist is viewed from the one who loves them and how they inspire one another. And it’s about my own, imperfect, messy, human love for them both and trying to capture a bit of them in my own art”. Thomas R. Wood


We’ve been watching this video titled ‘Artists in Love‘ and find it simply beautiful. All credit to Thomas R. Wood who created this as a homage to romance and the American West. It features LA based artists, Petecia “Le Fawnhawk” Maggiori and Mark Maggiori amongst the landscape that’s particularly special to them and their art. Set in the stunning state of New Mexico, USA it will make you want to take your own trip there.


“He fell in love with that kind of escaping from society and hiding in the desert and the dust, and I think it’s just a sort of romanticism of America”. Petecia Maggiori.


Check it out yourself. You’ll fall in love with it too…..


Created by: Thomas R. Wood

twitter: @modernwood
IG: @Thomasrwood