When our parents booked a holiday it was a few weeks of flicking through glossy brochures followed by an afternoon down at the local travel agents. And the criteria? Number of stars for the hotel, distance to the amenities perhaps. Nowadays, we’re motivated by the Instagram posts that make us think ‘wow’, by the desire to become immersed in a new culture and increasingly by the adventure factor. Adventure travel is a huge draw, especially for couples, as they seek out the unique, once in a lifetime experiences that are more accessible than ever. Of course, we’re busier than ever too so the new adventure travel app from Envago that allows to you search adventures around the globe, compare and book sounds just up our street. We looked at the top global adventures for couples available through the app and here are our favourites.

Top 4 Global Adventures For Couples | Envago. Amazon survival in Peru

Top 4 Global Adventures For Couples | Envago. Amazon survival in Peru

  1. Survival Experience In Peru

If you and the other half have always reckoned you’d do well on a Bear Grylls style adventure, this is your chance to put the theory to the test! This 12 day survival experience will see you take on the Amazon in the Peruvian jungle. Heading out by boat along the Amazon River, with very few rations, it’s up to you and your group to learn the techniques you’ll need to survive.

As you set up camp you’ll learn how to build your own shelter, prepare your own food and water as well as navigate and identify toxic and non-toxic fruits and plants. You’ll also learn how to find sources of communication, how to make weapons and gear to help other survivors, and how to successfully communicate with native peoples. In this extreme environment, and with basic survival needs becoming your focus you’ll most definitely see what your partner is really made of.

Top 4 Global Adventures For Couples | Envago. Oman Jebel Shams

Top 4 Global Adventures For Couples | Envago. Oman Jebel Shams

  1. Snake Canyon, Oman

Now this is what water parks should look like! Snake Canyon, in the greater Wadi Bani Awf is where the water cuts through two mountains, with canyons from 2 to 30 feet and many shimmering water pools. Beginning in the cultural and modern capital of Muscat, the adventure takes you to base camp at the very top of Snake Canyon for a meal and time to meet the rest of the group around the campfire, and a night under the stars. On Friday, the journey to the base of the wadi, or valley and begins with jumps and climbs along the way to Snake Canyon. Then it’s up the Jebel Shams range, the highest peak in the Arabian Gulf. At over 3000m, Jebel Shams or Mountain of the Sun is where the sun rises and sets each day, you’ll stop at a cliff point around 2000m up for a very well deserved dinner and a night in one of the most spectacular settings you’re ever likely to sleep in. Then, back through Nizwa for the Dark Room Cave, one of Oman’s limestone and water filled caves- be ready to swim!

Top 4 Global Adventures For Couples | Envago. Perhentian House2. Credit Lang Tengah Turtle Watch

Top 4 Global Adventures For Couples | Envago. Perhentian House2. Credit Lang Tengah Turtle Watch

  1. Saving Sea Turtles On Lenga Tengah Island

If you like your adventures a little more tropical, this one is based on the beaches of the island of Lang Tengah off the east coast of Malaysia, but this is no fly and flop break! You and your loved one will be on a mission to preserve the endangered green turtles by monitoring turtle landings and saving their eggs from poachers at the Lang Tengah Turtle Watch project. Your reward will be seeing those adorable young hatchlings scamper safely to the water’s edge. The project even has its own sustainable accommodation, Perhentian House which is made completely out of reclaimed wood and run off solar power, with all proceeds from staying at the house going towards funding the turtle conservation projects. There are also ultra-luxe hotel options on the island too, if you’re in need of a little pampering!

Top 4 Global Adventures For Couples |

Top 4 Global Adventures For Couples | Trekking in Iceland

  1. Trekking In Iceland

For the ultimate in swoon-worthy Instragram moments, Iceland has one of the most unique landscapes on earth, and this three day trekking adventure will take you across the black sand deserts, glaciers and waterfalls of southern Iceland. Driving from Gljúfrabúi in southern Iceland, home to its own hidden waterfall, the trek kicks off at Landmannalaugar, a trekkers’ paradise with its many trails, geothermal springs and startling rhyolite mountains. The longest trek comes on day one with a 7-9 hour trek to Álftavatn Lake, passing Hrafntinnusker- the obsidian desert, Mt. Reykjaföll and the picturesque Jökultungur (or glacier tongues) area. After a night in an Icelandic hut (the chance of a shower!) and a hearty breakfast it’s a 5-6 hour trek towards Emstur, through black sand deserts with fantastic contrasting mountains, like Stórasúla and Hattfell. In Emstrur, the rewards are the stunning glaciers, oh and an optional evening hike too! The final day’s descend sees a change in the landscape once more as the trees begin to appear. Enjoy the beautiful oasis, hiding behind Eyjafjallajökull glacier, and the magnificent Seljalandsfoss waterfall!


Written by Lujaina Kharusi, founder Envago www.envagoapp.com

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