Some couples find romance in sharing and taking part in activities that are not traditionally thought of as being very romantic. Taking an adrenaline fuelled trip together or trying something new on your holidays can be the perfect way to enjoy a different kind of romantic break. Working together and achieving goals as a couple can make your relationship even stronger and bring you closer together than ever before. The French Alps is such a place where you can do all that and more. Here are examples of some activities you can try together as a couple in the spectacular French Alps.

Kayaking – river, lake or white water

For an amazing and what can be an adrenalin pumping experience, try taking to the water in a Kayak in the French Alps. Lakes are described as the beaches of the mountains and are perfect for beginners and those who are looking for a serene and somewhat easier kayaking experience.

For a more thrilling adventure experience take to the rivers for some faster paced action. Rivers and rapids come graded from 1 to 6, which are easy to nearly impossible. Speak to your guides and choose your route depending on your ability. Whichever water location you take on, it can become an epic holiday for you both as a couple and it might even get competitive.


Montenvers train

This may not be an adrenalin pumping ride but it certainly is a romantic one. This train route through the Alps is one of the most famous in France and provides its passengers with some stunning mountain views in the comfort of its carriages.

There are places to stop and things to do along the way such as visiting Ice caves and the ‘mere de glace’ or sea of glass, but the trip is a beautiful experience in itself. It’s a great way to relax between your adventurous activities, so sit back and enjoy the amazing scenery as it passes you by. Make sure you bring your camera as there are some excellent views to be had.

Summer Adventures on The Alps For Couples Who Find Romance in Adrenaline

Summer Adventures on The Alps For Couples Who Find Romance in Adrenaline


How about jumping off a mountain and flying through the Alpine air for romantic? Definitely an exhilarating thing to do together and something you’ll never forget. Start at a high point and then glide across the skies until you reach a safe place to land.

Tandem paragliding in the mountains means you can enjoy the experience without having to go on a course and learn how to do it yourself.  Your instructor will fly and land the parachute so all you have to do is enjoy the flight. There are also sensation flights for the brave, where your instructor will do some exciting manoeuvres during the ride.

Horse riding

How romantic does a horseback riding through the mountainside sound? Well you can enjoy this activity during your summer break in the French Alps. Riding schools here offer all kinds of experiences, from short pony treks to full day hacks through the mountains with a western movie feel.

You will be instructed if you are new to this activity and your guides will always be at hand to help. Riding a horse through the mountains is like living in a fairy tale for a little while. Trotting through the countryside between the green meadows, dancing butterflies and pretty flowers. A truly romantic experience.

Mountain Biking or Fat Biking

If you both love getting outdoors and exploring the mountain terrain, then mountain biking is a good choice. It’s a great way to discover the region as a couple without a guide as there are plenty of routes to follow which cater for all abilities.

Fat biking is just mountain biking with bigger fatter tyres, meaning you can ride on snow and all off-road terrain. They also absorb a lot of the bumps so are good for beginner bikers too.  Another draw to this area for mountain biking is the lift access to the top of steep climbs. So, you don’t have the haul to the top but can have lots of fun on the way down.

Water- skiing

This activity is not just reserved for the beach, mountain lakes are an excellent spot to try some extreme water sporting activities. Due the specialised equipment and experienced guides, this activity can be enjoyed by just about anyone.

Staying up-right can take a bit of skill and practice but it all adds to the enjoyment of the experience. You can water-ski together as a couple or separately, it’s up to you. For an exciting time on the water which requires less skill why not try tubing.  Hold on tight whilst sitting in this giant tube together whist the boat drags you at speed through the water. Sound fun?

Caving and Canyoning

Explore the underground world in the French Alps by climbing ropes, ladders and by paddling and boating through the waters.  Mysterious limestone tunnels and passageways turn into massive expansive caverns as you explore this exciting underground maze.

If you want to try caving then the best seasons to visit are Spring and Autumn where there are a wide range of places to choose from. You will need a guide or to join a tour as it is easy to get lost in the subterranean network.  Show your loved one how brave you are and dive right into this deep and scary underground adventure.

Summer Adventures on The Alps For Couples Who Find Romance in Adrenaline

Summer Adventures on The Alps For Couples Who Find Romance in Adrenaline

Walking and Hiking

Exploring the beautiful countryside by foot and wandering through pretty meadows shadowed by mountains is the perfect setting for romance. Going for a hike with your partner gives you time alone together without any distractions and is a way to bring you closer.

Walking routes here like the biking trails vary in their degree of difficulty so can be enjoyed by everyone. The best thing to do is to follow a map or a signposted trail to ensure you stay on the right track. To go deeper into the mountains, it is better to hire a guide or book on a tour so you don’t get lost. Because being lost in the forest together might sound romantic but in reality- not so much.

A couple’s holiday in the French Alps

It can be a hard and tiring to agree on where to go for your holiday, especially if you have a limited amount of time to spend together. Now, after reading this, you can see why you should consider this location when planning and doing your research for your trip.

Believe it or not this list is just a small taste of the things you can do together in the French Alps region. This is a place to get off the grid and just be yourselves but with all the home comforts you could need on your doorstep.  The outstanding scenery, the warm summer weather and the wealth of options for things to do, makes this the perfect destination for couples looking for an adventurous holiday. So what do you think, are you adding this to your couples travel bucket list? Or have you already been on a couples break in the French Alps? What was your experience like?