Located in the heart of the Sri Lankan Jungle, Diyabubula is an innovative new destination designed to celebrate the wilderness of Sri Lanka and the works of its most renowned artist Laki Senanayake. This insanely beautiful boutique hideaway fuses visionary artwork with the tranquil environment of the jungle in a seamless and romantic way to create a secluded romantic haven. For couples seeking a slightly more ‘back to nature’ experience with a little luxury thrown in, Diyabubula offers the best of both worlds.

Designed by the artist himself, the jungle hideaway has five individually handcrafted villas made from 100 year old railway sleepers and locally sourced timber. Encompassing the surrounding environment, Laki uses the growing trees and running waters of Diyabubula to create living, natural accommodation so you not only see the jungle but experience it at its core. Laki invites you to visit his wall-less, minimalist living space and studio in the morning and evening. He believes that we are all artists by nature and is happy to encourage us to draw and paint. Art material is available at the Lodge.

Sri Lanka’s Jungle Hideaway

Sri Lanka’s Jungle Hideaway

Nature is at the very heart of Diyabubula (it is in the jungle after all) and boasts a water garden which every year plays host to migratory birds who make the most of the generous food on offer and warm climate. If bird spotting interests you- and no that does not mean you have to dress in khaki trousers, bucket hat and carry binoculars, although they do help- then Diyabubula is an ideal bird watching spot.  When not taking in the beauty of Diyabubula, couples can experience nature, wildlife and the mountains of Sri Lanka right on their doorstep by visiting nearby natural sites:

* Rose Quartz Mountain: among the oldest and largest rocks in Southeast Asia, the seven mountains are 180 and 300 metres above sea level and date back to almost 550 million years!

* Ritigala Forest Reserve:  an ancient Buddhist monastery, as well as a mountain range, and a forest nature reserve with medicinal plants, ruins and rock inscriptions dating from the 1st century.

* Minneriya National Park: every year between the months of July and October up to 200 wild elephants come together on the receding shores of the reservoir for the Minneriya Elephant gathering (voted as one of the sixth largest wildlife gatherings by Lonely Planet).

Located in the middle of the cultural centre of Sri Lanka, Diyabubula is an ideal place from which to explore the art and architecture of the country’s world heritage sites including: the cave temple of Dambulla, the massive rock fortress of Sigiriya and the ancient city of Polonnaruwa.

Sri Lanka’s Jungle Hideaway

Sri Lanka’s Jungle Hideaway

After exploring the art, architecture and Mother Nature’s offerings you are bound to have worked up an appetite. The small and cosy dining room serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Although if you are feeling peckish outside of these hours the chef will be happy to produce anything your heart desires; one of the many perks of staying at Diyabubula. Breakfast comes international style – start the day with Western dishes as well as Sri Lankan specialties. Lunch could be a Sri Lankan meal of rice with a range of curries and fish. If you desire just a light meal, order spaghetti, lasagne, or anything else – just inform the chef in time. He will prepare all dishes freshly. Dinner will be Western style – consisting of a starter, soup, main dish and dessert.

It may be in a slightly more unusual location but with so much on offer in the form of nature, art, architecture and food, it seems like an ideal choice for a tranquil Sri Lankan escape.

For more information please visit diyabubula.com/english/index.html#home