Cinema’s prices continue to rise and as a result people are searching out new and unique ways to watch film. The Nomad Cinema matches your favourite films with beautiful and intriguing locations. Initially established in 2010, the company has grown to present a fully packed summer schedule with some really exciting film experiences from an organisation that donates 100% of its profits to charity.

Last week David from Hero & Leander went to St. Marks in Mayfair to watch the film Purple Rain featuring the late icon Prince. St. Marks lit in the colour purple in tribute to the musical legend looked spectacular. The floor was split into a variety of ticketed sections from standard to VIP. All the seats appeared to be well located and not in the way of one another. At the front was floor seating, with deckchairs behind and then director’s chair seating.   There’s a good selection of snacks, with fresh gourmet popcorn provided by Joe & Seph’s and a working bar serving beer and champagne. Cinema how it should be! The internal space is fantastic and you can see why they chose this venue to show Purple Rain. The vaulted arches perfectly set the stage for the theatrical nature of the film. Prior to the film starting a DJ was entertaining the crowd with Prince’s classics to get the crowd going. At the end of the night it was a shame to have to leave, as the whole atmosphere had stirred up a bit of a party but we were happy that a great night had been had and this was truly a unique experience.


The Nomad Cinema - Purple Rain - Prince

The Nomad Cinema – Purple Rain – Prince


“The Nomad Cinema is the roaming pop-up that gives back”


So if you’re looking to reinvent your love of going to the cinema then check out The Nomad Cinema. We’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.


We picked out some highlights of their event calendar although *click here* for the full list.

  • The Notebook – Grosvenor Square – Thu 14th Jul
  • Thelma & Louise – Grosvenor Square – Sat 16th Jul
  • Casablanca – Queen’s Park – Sat 13th Aug
  • Inception – Brown Hart Gardens – Fri 19th Aug
  • Romeo & Juliet – Queen’s Park – Sat 3rd September
  • When Harry Met Sally – Victory Park – Sun 18th Sep
  • Jaws – Hyde Park Lido – Thu 22nd Sep
  • Pulp Fiction – Wembley Park – Fri 30 Sep


The Nomad Cinema - Brown Hart Gardens | Credit: SarahGinn

The Nomad Cinema – Brown Hart Gardens | Credit: SarahGinn


The Nomad Cinema