Do you want to know how to plan a romantic holiday for two but don’t know where to start? Everybody loves going away on a special trip, where it is only the two of you, in a far off land or an enchanted location that means a lot to the both of you. Hero & Leander have put together a little guide for planning a romantic escape for you and your other half. With a little forethought you’ll be booking a trip and whisking your love away for a getaway that the two of you will never forget.


Plan A Romantic Holiday

Understand What Kind Of Romantic Trip Away Your Partner & You Want


How To Plan A Romantic Holiday | What Kind Of Getaway?

We all have ideas of what we consider the perfect trip. Talk with your partner to get an understanding of what each of you like from a holiday. Is it a beach escape, a road trip, a city exploration or perhaps a surfing holiday? Hopefully you’ll agree, but if not try and find somewhere that caters for both of you. E.g. for beach & city, why not head to Barcelona, Spain to soak up the best of both worlds. Whatever you settle on, from romantic off the grid getaways to unusual romantic destinations, it should be somewhere exciting, with things that you’ll be happy doing. Sounds obvious, but there’s a lot of people that book villas only to find they are far away from the town center and they’re not looking for isolation.


Set A Budget

Know how much you want to spend. If it’s a surprise for your partner then remember you’ll be paying for most of it yourself up front. If you’re splitting costs, then try and make sure that you share the financials as best as you can. If the other is paying more, then don’t demand that you eat at luxury restaurants every night. After all, that small Italian local restaurant may be far more romantic than its glitzy neighbour. Money can be a focus of arguments between couples and whilst away and spending lots out of your routines it can be even easier. Try and arrange finances before you depart home and know where your big purchases are going to be so that you know where your money is going to go. Nobody likes financial surprises, especially if they have the potential to de-rail the romantic holiday experience. That being said, make sure you have an allowance of money set aside for unknowns. Remember that spontaneity requirement. If you have a little set aside, it won’t feel so bad booking that boat trip to the nearby island that you were only told about over breakfast.


Spending A Little More Can Make Things Easier

It is of course reality that we do not have a constant stream of money on which to frivolously spend on all the luxuries that come our away when we are on holiday. However, sometimes spending a little more on conveniences can improve your experience. For example, booking an airport transfer when you land can be far more convenient and relaxing than running around the airport with suitcases in tropical heat looking for the right bus when the driver doesn’t speak your language. That can easily destroy the mood. Other great little perks are things like, fast track boarding at the airport or setting up a tab at the hotel for the duration of your stay.


Spend A Little Time Apart, Doing What You Like Individually

You’re away together to enjoy one another’s company. However, we all like a little alone time once in a while and we all want to do things that interest us personally. Going for an early morning run along the beach may be one’s idea of freedom, but the other’s complete nightmare. Respect the fact that you will want to do different activities, so allow some time to do this. Take a book, or a camera, explore the area or lounge by the pool whilst your partner is hitting the shops.


Avoid The Crowds


How To Plan A Romantic Holiday | Avoid The Crowds

People, people, people. They’re noisy, pushy and sure to get you riled. Unless you’re there to see the tourist sites or enjoy nightlife and live music, then make sure you avoid the people traps. Book a hotel a little off the main strip where you can feel a little more removed from the city’s craziness. Don’t book a villa next to the busiest beach, but instead look for a guide from a local. Find the beaches and restaurants that the locals frequent. Not only will they be quieter, they will be more authentic. Ask your hotel’s concierge or your villas owner if they’re contactable. For those that like the quiet life and are staying in the middle of nowhere, this chapter isn’t for you. Enjoy the tranquility. It is after all, a trip that is focused on the two of you and that is all that matters.


Add Flexibility In Your Plans

It’s great to be organized at certain activities such as making sure that you know exactly where your hotel is or how long it takes to travel to the beach or the local museum. However, planning out your week’s activities on an hourly spreadsheet is over excessive and removes that crucial requirement for romantic spontaneity. At the same time, don’t have everything as a surprise, unless the entire trip is a surprise. After all it should be a trip for the both of you and because of this, it’s important you both have a say in what you do together. Remember our point earlier, make sure you have a little spending money for those unexpected surprises.


It’s All In The Details


How To Plan A Romantic Holiday | It’s All In The Details

The little touches of any break are what either make it a fantastic holiday or something that is not out of the ordinary. So pay close attention. But remember to relax as well! Nobody wants an uptight partner on holiday. Small touches such as ringing the hotel ahead of time to arrange a bottle of champagne on arrival are small things that aren’t difficult but make all the difference. Also, try and do something different to what you usually do together. If your partner is expecting the dinner on the beach because it’s what you always do, then mix it up. Have dinner at a live music bar, sat at the bar, instead. You’ll not only have a new experience, but your partner may love your new found love of experimentation. And why not up the level of intimacy by bringing a new lingerie set. Romance doesn’t always have to mean candles and violins. When morning comes make sure that you order breakfast in bed at least once, so you’re not rushing to get dressed before the breakfast buffet closes. Because, who doesn’t love that… It sets the day just right. (If you’re staying somewhere secluded, make sure you creep out of bed when the other is still asleep so that you can prepare the eggs)…


 Make Reminders & Buy Mementos For The Memories After Your Trip

Ensuring your trip lasts a lifetime is not as difficult as it may sound. Slowly over time you’ll begin to forget the details, so why not cement the memories with mementos. Buy postcards, take photographs, keep tickets and receipts. When you get back home, buy a great photo album and print off those digital images straight away. If you don’t they’ll never leave your camera and eventually get lost or deleted. Why not keep a scrapbook between the two of you whilst you’re away. Don’t do anything that feels like a chore. If you’re not creative then don’t decide that it’ll be romantic to paint the sunset. Instead go shopping for small souvenirs that you can keep at home as part of your house’s decor.



How To Plan A Romantic Holiday | Mementos