The Couple’s Travel Survival Guide is a book written by Ryan and Lucy Williams especially for travelling couples. It is an essential travel companion for those who are ‘trying not to kill one another along the way’. So essential guidelines follow no doubt! The authors are long term travellers themselves and so have drawn on their knowledge of being together for long periods to put together this fun and practical book. The book is packed with fun games to play and pages where you can make the book your own by writing about your trip or indeed just drawing a picture of your other half. It takes you right through the travelling process, starting with essential planning before you go and making sure you pack things whose absence is not going to drive you both crazy. The book has been devised from the couple’s experiences who together have been to far ends of the world, from the Amazon rainforest to camper vans in New Zealand and they even had time to get married in Las Vegas!

‘Travel really is one of the best things that you can do with your time on earth, and it’s especially good with a partner to share it with. Travelling alongside somebody has so many advantages over going it alone. Shared experiences really are the best’. Ryan & Lucy Williams. 


The Couple’s Travel Survival Guide can be purchased here, for £10

The Couple's Travel Survival Guide

The Couple’s Travel Survival Guide