1. Plan together

Surely there is little point in going away together without sitting down together to plan a romantic getaway. That’s part of the fun unless it’s a surprise occasion, but that’s an entirely different ballpark. Sit down together and write down your favorite destinations and your bucket list of vacation spots or the types of holidays and trips that you both enjoy. Where is it that you’d both like to visit that you haven’t been before or something that you’d like to try your hand at? Plan out an itinerary that has things you both wish to do. Not only is this a great way of planning a trip, it’s a great way to find out more about your partner.


  1. Organise to travel in the off season

Nothing kills a romantic getaway faster than huge crowds, packed transport, high costs and poor service as a result. Not only will travelling in off peak periods be more relaxing, it will save you a great deal of money. Hotels and airlines often have discounts and deals to bring in visitors at these periods and if they’re not advertised, reach and to them and ask.


  1. Keep away from them little ‘uns

As with the above, if they’re other people’s children they can take away from you and your partners time and affection towards one another. Whilst your children are your entire world, it’s sometimes just nice to have time to you solely both of you. So get the babysitter and relax in one another’s company.


  1. Sort the money issues before

Money can be a stressful topic for everyone. With this in mind it’s important to set your budgets together. Is one person paying more money? Is that a fair and agreed amount between the both of you? How much together can you afford? Plan out for small items that can quickly add up such as tips, car parking, pre-dinner drinks and afternoon snacks. If these items aren’t considered before your trip away you’ll be stressing about spending too much money and that will in turn become an argument or disgruntled feelings toward one another.


  1. Plan for some room time

Yes it’s important to explore your destination, but equally remember that this trip is about you and your relationship. Nurture that by spending time in the bedroom, without distractions and just each other’s company. Oh and one final point, turn the WIFI and TV off. You can watch your favourite TV show at home, do something different with your evenings.


  1. Keep it a secret

Run away and don’t tell anyone. It’s the idyllic concept born from novels and movies, but is it ever a good idea? Of course! Safety reasons aside (you should always tell someone if you’re going out into the wilderness camping or some similar activity), there’s something wonderful about being together with nobody else knowing. Just make sure you cover all your commitments beforehand!


  1. It should be short and sweet, with a little spontaneity

Add some surprises for your other half whilst you’re away. And don’t book your trip too far in advance. The surprise and intrigue will start to diminish if you’re having to wait 12 months to hit the road. Annual holidays and lifetime experiences should be booked way out in advance and planned to the letter – romantic breaks should be taken on a whim and only last a couple of days for maximum romance!


  1. Get room service

It’s provided to you for a reason. Don’t get out of bed. Stay in and order breakfast to come to you. In the evening get a bottle of champagne and a cooler and stay under the covers. If you can make it a whole day in your room it’s a day well spent – particularly if there’s an incredible view out of the window.


  1. Drink and be merry

There’s not many opportunities that we have when there’s no work in the morning. Take advantage of it and get silly with one another.


  1. Stay away from the clichéd couples events

Don’t do what everyone else is doing, so that you can go home and tell the stories that everyone has already heard. Be original. Emmerse yourself in the culture and stay away from the 2 for 1 tour buses.


  1. Do nothing

Don’t feel the pressure that you have to pack your day with things to do simply because you’re on holiday. This is about you both, focusing on one another. Enjoy each other’s company.


  1. Bring a camera

Capture the memories. Photograph one another. Document your travels and create an sketchbook with printed out photographs in this ever digital world that we live in.


  1. Don’t go anywhere too familiar

We all like to explore new places and new experiences. Go somewhere neither of you have ever been before.


  1. Don’t go anywhere too unfamiliar!

Whilst there’s a lot to be said to visiting somewhere new, there’s probably also something to be said about somewhere extremely unique. You’ll likely feel somewhat anxious by your new unfamiliar surroundings and that’s always a mood killer.


  1. Limit the plane / car / train time

Nobody likes to have a spontaneous relaxing trip begin with 12 hours on a plane or a 6 hour car journey. It’s tiring and stressful and a recipe for arguments. Traveling is usually stressful, so reduce your time doing it.


  1. Plan ahead, but leave the clipboard

It’s important to have a basic understanding of where you’re going and what you’ll be doing. It creates a smoother experience, and gives you the attractiveness of being confident and organized with your planning.


  1. No overpacking

We know what happens here – too much luggage, not enough days to use all of it! Save yourself the hassle of carry too many items around or having to unpack your suitcase at the airport. If you insist in carrying all of your own toiletries then at least make sure you pay for hotel staff to help you with your luggage.


  1. Take a break from one another

In a new city and want to explore, or just hit the beach whilst the other wants to get out on the surf board? Let it happen, go your separate ways for a few hours. Do what you love as an individual. It will make the dinner conversation flow.


  1. Do something out of your comfort zones

You know the saying, extreme experiences make one another closer. OK, so we’re not saying go and do anything life threatening, but adding a little adrenaline in to the mix is a fantastic thing to do as a couple. Sure it may be scary at first but its guaranteed to make a great story that you’ll look back on.


  1. Just relax and have fun

Most importantly don’t pressure your time away with an inherent need to have fun. Just relax in one another’s company and the fun and romance will follow.


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